Monday, August 3, 2015

"TownHall" Destroys The D.C. Palin/Trump Hate Machine

 John Nantz at Town Hall LINK calls out the Washington elite's mad hatred of Palin and Trump;

Here's an extract:

Donald Trump and Sarah Palin are Washington pariahs. Mention either name and emotions flare into swollen, ruddy passion. Opinions spill interspersed with hurried spittle as commentators struggle to operate their mouths with enough alacrity to keep pace with their emotions masquerading as thought. They gush with spleen at the effrontery of unwashed persons treading the heights of national politics. 

Neither Trump nor Palin have been groomed by the Washington gentry. They make a mockery of the powdered wigs ensconced within the establishment media and among the monied party elites—and America loves it.

Sarah Palin’s great sin was her genuine conservatism and total disdain for a pedantic, corrupt, and perverse establishment media. The Republican base rallied to her like Joan of Arc, while the predictably politic John McCain sulked and sat idly as GOP cronies unsheathed their long knives. 

The result of that fratricide has been the blight of Obama and his completely corrupt administration. McCain kept to the GOP playbook of “don’t attack Obama” and lost an election that was his to win.

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