Friday, August 7, 2015

The Inside Story Governor Sarah Palin paid a quiet visit to the good folks at One America News Network this week.

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Sarah Palin Visits with One America News Network
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Posted on 8/8/2015, 1:46:25 PM by Bratch

Governor Sarah Palin paid a quiet visit to the good folks at One America News Network this week.

One America News Network is headquartered in San Diego. This conservative alternative to Fox News has been slowly gaining ground from Fox News viewers.

The first hint of Governor Palin’s visit was innocuous enough.

Nothing more than a simple tweet noticed by long time Palin watcher DeeDEEthree

DeeDEEthree - post

Any mention of Governor Palin in Southern California was reason enough to grab my attention.

Quickly piecing together the few clues in Mr. Roach’s vague tweet led me to San Diego, OANN host Tomi Lahren, and a tantalizing connection to One America News Network.

iizthatiiz - post

By late Tuesday afternoon, all suspicions of Governor Palin’s visit to the One America News facilities in San Diego were solidly confirmed when OANN news anchor Cassie Leuffen revealed that Governor Palin had paid her a visit in studio.

Notions that Governor Palin’s visit with One America News were nothing more than a casual visit were laid to rest the very next day when Palin showed up again at the OANN facility, this time spending time with Assistant Producer Maggie Lit, who was surprised by the Governor’s presence at the network for a second day.

The true purpose of Governor Palin’s extended visit with personnel at One America News remains unknown at this time.

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Update ] 11:45 AM 8/7/15

Thanks to sharp-eyed regular Cheetah444, we have another tweet to share, this one from OANN anchor and news writer, Pearson Sharp