Saturday, August 1, 2015

Mark Whittington At 'The Examiner';"Palin all but endorses Donald Trump for president"

Noted Palin supporter Mark Whittington published an opinion piece at 'The Examiner':

"Sarah Palin all but endorses Donald Trump for president"

Sarah Palin published a piece in Breitbart Friday praising Donald Trump and giving the media the back of her hand for not only underestimating the business tycoon and media star but also for being afraid of him. Thus continued the most curious political friendship in American history. The multi-billionaire real estate mogul and the hockey mom mama grizzly from Alaska have very little in common, except a political philosophy and a tendency to go rogue and annoy a great many people. It is the most fascinating alliance since President Ronald Reagan and Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher teamed up and helped to destroy the Soviet Union while turning up the special relationship between America and Great Britain into high gear.
 Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump
Photo by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images
Palin’s endorsement, and it amounted to that though she never said, “I endorse Trump for President,” came on the heels of Trump expressing his admiration for Palin and suggesting that she might be in his government when (not “if” in his view) he wins the president. This love fest between the two unlikely pols caused Geoffrey Dunn, the author of a hit piece book against Palin, to leap the length of his chain.
Dunn, who has made a full-time career out of Palin-hating, concluded that Trump’s endorsement of Palin is proof positive that Trump is not serious about becoming president. He regards both politicians as the return of Huey Long and Joe McCarthy.
The problem is that neither Trump nor Palin quite match the caricatures that their enemies tend to make of them. Trump is bombastic and loud, but he is a multi-billionaire and frontrunner in the Republican nominating race for a reason. Palin is folksy and more than a little bit country, to coin a phrase, but she has a political mind as keen as Machiavelli’s, albeit tempered with Christian morality. Dunn is proving Palin’s point about Trump and by extension about her, that one underestimates the Donald at one’s peril. He has survived missteps and attacks that would kill any other politician. He may not go all the way, but so far he is plowing through with a grin on his face, a refreshing sight to behold.