Thursday, August 13, 2015

Credo And A Hiatus

As Governor Palin has advised she intends to spend the primary season campaigning for Congressional and presidential candidates that invalidates the original premise of this site "Palin4President 2016. In respect of the current title "Palin-ism in The Presidency 2016" the premise becomes more of a philosophical one and I have decided it is best covered at my general blog "A Point of View" where it fits in better with overall political/economic/philosophical matters.

This is/never was a "fan site" although I have enjoyed over the years presenting interesting coverage of the Palin family and their adventures. Further there is little point  in cutting and pasting such things from other sites as they are readily accessed at the original laces like 'Conservatives4Palin" Breitbart and etc.

I will leave this site up as there are hundreds of visitors daily to the archives and I trust they find the reference items of value. If matters change with Governor Palin I will of course renew the original title. With all this I am delighted that Governor Palin seems to be in a very happy space doing what she seems to enjoy most of all which is helping others and presenting her Christian based values to the wider public. 

It's a pleasure to see she has outlasted all the haters and genuinely mad alleged humans who have taken out their frustration with their unhappy lives, physical appearance and failures on someone who is so happy, healthy  wealth and living a life of excitement and adventure! Not bad for a fisherman's wife from a small town in the far reaches of Alaska!

Here is my credo on the matter;

This site is not absolutely about Sarah Palin regardless of the Blog title. Of course I, and I am sure a massive number of others, judging by her Facebook followers being over 3 million, would wish her to run in 2016.

But Palin is only one person, and a person with massive family commitments, especially with Trig of course. It may be that she has developed a taste for the freedom from financial constraints and from media criticism worries, and is happy to enjoy the rest of her life in comfort and ease.

If so, good for her. Surely nobody else in public life has endured the slings and arrows of outrageous leftism over the last seven years and would be entitled to such a respite as her skills and endurance has gained for her.

There are of course many options for public involvement open to her. She will be in demand as public speaker for some time yet as an historic figure at least.

Palin can of course continue endorsing and campaigning for candidates she considers it important to do so. Her influence as an endorser is undiminished as e.g Ted Cruz in Texas will testify Sasse and Fischer in Nebraska etc etc can testify.

But even if none of these options appeal to her (which I doubt) this blog would change from Palin4President2016 to "Palin-ism In The Presidency 2016". No matter how great or influential and correct a person's political, social and economic  ideas and ideals are, they will outlive their originator if they have lasting value.

The "common sense conservatism" policies that Sarah Palin espouses and exemplifies, are lasting if not timeless and will be her legacy no matter what her personal future holds. An outline of  what she, and this site stands for are

In the meantime, unless or until Palin herself  advises she will cease any activism which might lead her to make a run for office, the blog title will stay as it is. Should she decide to leave the political scene then a simple change of emphasis from the person to the policies the person espoused will suffice. 

If Palin chooses not to run in 2016 but endorses a candidate
enthusiastically then, in that person "Palin-ism in the Presidency" comes into effect. Thus, in effect, Palin herself is the candidate and can be said to be running.

As for myself I have enormously enjoyed writing about Palin for all these years, don't regret a moment of it (except for having at times to dialogue with obsessed idiots from the likes of "Immoral Minority.) I have through this site honed my writing ability, such as it is and have had many articles published at major avenues. 

Most of all I've enjoyed the company of many wonderful, intelligent and dedicated people and for that above all I thank Governor Palin.