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EverywhereI am deeply impressed by what will be the text of the first note of Sarah Palin today; one referring to the tragic events in Charleston (South Carolina) that you all already know. When all expected a new outbreak of interracial hatred in response to the killing, it being quite the opposite: the inhabitants themselves of Charleston and especially the families of the victims themselves, are making appeals for peace and harmony and ... forgiveness! Yes, yes, to pardon the murderer of their loved ones. Incredible,Right? How many of us could even think about it when the memory of our relatives killed is still fresh in our memory and have just been a few days since the tragedy? Few indeed. But those few are undoubtedly the best among us. Those who truly believe in the message of Jesus and not just pretend to believe. Those who are willing to make their lives echo the same message. May God bless the beautiful city of Charleston and all its inhabitants, more than ever, a true "Holy City"!
This is the first note of Sarah today, which I mentioned them. Read it and read, especially the article that accompanies it, it's really overwhelming for all involved:
Why it can not be put aside politics following the match in South Carolina? Politicians, please try it. It would be in his honor and the leadership provided by those most tragically affected. Let the wisdom of the people of Charleston who lost their loved ones. Members of the friendly and beautiful family who spoke at the court session on Friday, know that this is a deeply personal human tragedy. His gracious words which remind us that the only remedy for evil is the Lord who expels the darkness of our hearts and gives us mercy. Charleston has been called "The Holy City" because of its church spiers skyline. Now all America knows the truth of that title. Please respect his moment of immeasurable pain and honor this special city.
Charleston city
The article includes Sarah in his note is one published in The Wall Street Journal and written by Peggy Noonan. For my part, I subscribe upside down and here I record my own reverence for the honorable city of Charleston and its inhabitants:
A reverence for CHARLESTON
North bowed deep to the south:
I've never seen anything like what I saw on TV this afternoon. Have you heard the statements made ​​in the court session of the alleged shooter Charleston (South Carolina)?
Nine beautiful people killed on Wednesday night during Bible study at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church and their families were invited to make a statement in court today. Have you heard what they said?
They spoke of mercy. They offered forgiveness. They invited the suspect, who appeared on video from prison, to seek to please God.
There was no anger, no charges; only defenseless broken hearts and present to the world to see them. They wept as they spoke.
"I just wanted everyone to know it, so you know, I forgive you," said Lance Ethel's daughter, died in the shooting. "You took something very precious away from me. I'll never speak to her again. I can never hold her again. But I forgive you. " She asked God to have mercy on the soul of the shooter. "You hurt me. You have hurt many people. May God forgive you. And I forgive you. "
A member of the family of Anthony Thompson said he forgave the shooter. "I forgive you and my family forgives you, but I'd like you to take this opportunity to repent ... confess, give your life to it's most important, Christ, that He may change; you can change your ways no matter what happens to you and you are well. Do that and you'll be better. "
Tywanza Sanders's mother, also killed, said the shooter, "I we welcomed Wednesday night to our study of the Bible with open arms," ​​he said. "Every fiber of my body hurts and I'll never be the same ... Tywanza was my hero. But as we say in the Bible study, we embrace you, but God have mercy on you. "
The granddaughter of Daniel Simmons Sr., also killed on Wednesday, said: "Although my grandfather and the other victims were killed by hate, this is a matter of evidence, the prayers of all by himself, is living proof that the love and their legacies will live in love. Thus, the hatred will not win ... I just want to thank the court for sure that hatred will not win. "
As I watched, I felt I was witnessing something miraculous. I think it was so. They were people looking into the eyes of evil in the eyes of the sick and ignorant shooter who had ruined their families and with the greatest patience, explaining that there is a better way.
What country makes such people. You ever you despair by the United States? If they are the United States, we will be fine.
Then out of the room, people gathered and sang gospel hymns.
I have to say only what people are the people of Charleston. They are doing something right, something beautiful, with those who have been in recent days.
From the beginning, they fell into the tragedy with so much heart and love. They embedded them as a community, a true and lively community where people live connected to each other.
Since Thursday morning when jumped the news, everyone I saw on television, from the mayor, Joseph Riley, those who spoke in the name of the church, spokesmen for the police to Gov. Nikki Haley, all were as worthy and were genuinely sorry, no false shame that we always see when something bad happens and the leader says that our prayers are with the victims. Haley had to stop talking for a few moments so moved as I was when he made ​​his first statement. Riley said today, the shooter: "This odious person came to this community with this crazy idea that he would be able to divide us, but all it did was make us more united and love one another even more." I read that quote on Friday afternoon in the Journal , in the chronicle of Valerie Bauerlein , and I thought, Riley is not just talking, is telling the truth.
Charleston deserves a bow. The same happens with the beautiful people who go on Wednesday night Bible study in the United States, 2015. They are the people who are saving the United States every day, completely unknown, and we can not afford to losing them.
There is only one thing that does not deserve Charleston. People other than the trauma, far removed from it, have already started to bring their political interests on the agenda of the tragedy and ensure that they are debated. Because this is the right moment for a political debate, right?
Here's an idea: Why not just let the duel now? Why not forget about it impose their political interests? Why not forget to force them to discuss while they have tears in their eyes?
Not politicize their pain. Do not turn this into a debate about a flag or weapons. Do not use to expose their positions and pointing his finger from their high positions.
These people are doing well without you.
They love each other and help each other. Let them mourn in peace. And respect them for what they are heroic.
The United States recently celebrated Father's Day. You know that they are with their own calendar and it is difficult to agree on dates with Scoundrels across the Atlantic. Well, today we have a special photo to commemorate it because it is one of the few in which the father of Todd Palin appears. Great addition to our photo album!
Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there! Thank you for being the rock upon which a family can be built!
On the left, the daddy of Todd; right, the daddy of Sarah. Two happy-laws, heh, heh, heh. No wonder; While it can be proud of their children.
The third note is fighting ... finally! It's about the controversy Obamatrade and others. You know that whatever you take the word "Obama" is a bitch before. Sarah already warned few days adamantly opposed to this crappy piece of legislation was approved ago and still had to endure over Ted Cruz taking sides publicly in favor of approval, ahhh! That was the reason that "degraded" Ted from his post at the height of the "thermometer GRGP" and down a notch. It seems that has made ​​him reconsider and however it is wise to rectify, I just read an interview with him on Breitbart News in which Cruz abjured his earlier support Obamatrade recognizes that there are many hidden shit between its provisions and undertakes to not vote again for him. Good for Ted! We do not expect less from you!You can return to dine with us, but as punishment for your waywardness, tonight you pay not only beer, but also have to sing something of Lady Gaga in the karaoke, ha ha ha.
Again, the "Great" Mark Levin is perfect to bring out the shameful way the leadership in the House GOP is targeting good conservatives like Rep Mark Meadows (R-NC), who courageously voted against fiasco is Obamatrade others want even pass before you know what's in it. The Meadows Congressman deserves our praise, not punishment! But, like the Great says, apparently, the establishment GOP has not learned the lesson of victory unprecedented Dave Eric Cantor Brat on last year. The conservative base will no longer swallow the politicians who speak well for election, but they forget their words when they are already at the Capitol. You ask Eric Cantor how good it was that to him. 2016 is just around the corner and elephants have good memories. My PAC will support courageous conservatives who rose againstObamatrade and encourage good challenging rivals who punish them for their courage.
Again, Sarah note includes a link to an article by Matthew Boyle in Breitbart News. Here it is (mis) translated as always:
EXCLUSIVE - MARK LEVIN: BOEHNER retaliation against conservatives MEAN THE OPEN WAR. IT'S TIME overthrow.
It is time for the Conservatives to withdraw the Speaker of the House, Representative John Boehner (R-OH) and all their comrades in the primaries, argued radio host, bestselling author and leader of the conservative movement Mark Levin in an exclusive comment for Breitbart News.
Levin's comments come after Boehner retaliation against conservatives reached a new low this weekend, with a Politico article about how the chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform, the representative Jason Chaffetz (R ut), according to Boehner's plan to attack the Republicans for voting according to their conscience, retired representative Mark Meadows (R-NC) of the chairmanship of a subcommittee of the committee. Levin even Boehner compared with the Soviet communist dictator Joseph Stalin twentieth century and the way this cleared his government of all dissent.
"The elimination of Congressman Meadows by the Speaker Boehner and Congressman Chaffetz is the latest in a series of attacks against the conservative ideologically driven.Boehner seems to think he is cleared of all opposition Stalin the Kremlin, "Levin said."No Republican Speaker in recent times has behaved with less integrity in the exercise of his power."
Levin said Boehner; the majority leader of the House, Representative Kevin McCarthy; Vice President of the majority, Representative Steve Scalise (R-LA); and more need to be removed by Republicans across the country in primary 2016. He says this is because the leadership has failed to learn the right lessons from the defeat of the now former astronomical majority leader in the House Eric Cantor in 2014 in a primary against Dave representative now Brat (R-VA), the first time in US history that a majority leader in the House was defeated in a primary. The position of majority leader was created in late 1800, meaning that it never happened for over a century and Levin is calling for the withdrawal of the leadership of the Republican Party for not learning the unprecedented.
"Obviously, the lessons of the humiliating defeat Eric Cantor have not been echoed Boehner, McCarthy and Scalise," Levin said. "The only solution is that the Conservatives join forces and aimed at three in the next Republican primary. The Conservatives need to find serious candidates and raising funds nationally to defeat them. Let them fight for their political careers as our answer to your nasty and pathetic "behavior.
For primary, Boehner already has a strong opponent: JD Winteregg. Winteregg ran against Boehner last time and did not win, but is being increasingly aggressive this time.
Regarding Scalise, living within their district is the Conservative candidate for Senate 2014 to US ., Colonel retired Air Force Rob Maness, who got 202,000 votes across the state when he ran for the Senate, but that was not enough to beat the then Republican Congressman Bill Cassidy (R-LA) and force a runoff with then Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-LA). Landrieu Cassidy defeated with the help of Maness in the second round. Maness is currently competing with Senator David Vitter (R-LA) to give up their seat in the Senate when, as is supposed to do, Vitter the governor's mansion in elections later this year is won. If Vitter Maness not put in the seat, currently Representative John Fleming (R-LA) is also vying for the seat, then Maness could be brought against Scalise in a primary.
As for McCarthy, it is unclear who in liberal California district could take the plunge and run against him. But his heavily Republican district is considered, even in California and is classified as R + 16 in the index voting Cook, meaning that there is probably a good chance that the Conservatives can find a viable alternative to him there.
Even those in the know in Washington, like his favorite publication Politico recognize abnormal it is for Boehner and his companions engage in such extreme tactics against its own members, while helping Democrats.
Politico Jake and Lauren Sherman French called this attack Meadows, the last thing they call a "fracture of the Republicans in the House" because of Boehner and his allies, a "new level of severity."
"The loss of the chairmanship of a subcommittee in the middle of a session of Congress is one of the most severe punishments inflicted hitherto most representative Speaker John Boehner (R-OH)", French and Sherman wrote. "Boehner and his team are frustrated by Republicans who vote against the procedural motion. Those votes, which allow the Republican leadership pose a vote on a bill, issued by parties. But a group of conservatives voted against the measures, mostly protesting Boehner's leadership. "
Meadows is being attacked because he was one of 34 brave conservatives who voted against a rule that used to take leadership Obamatrade the House floor last week.After his efforts almost succeeded, Representative Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and Democrats joined in the final vote to kill Obamatrade, just to have risen from the team of Boehner later, when the House voted for the law.
"The Republican leadership sees the move as unacceptable and cede power to the Democrats," Sherman and French wrote about efforts to organize votes against the rules. And they kept saying:
On June 11, 34 Republicans voted against the rule that allowed the consideration of the request of President Barack Obama to fast-track authority to negotiate the largest trade agreement in history. The conservatives, Boehner and Republican leaders said, were working closely with Democrats and Republicans ignore. Boehner said he has worked closely with the Conservatives. In a closed meeting this week, the Speaker said all Republicans that he was angry because the Conservatives were voting against motions. The Republican leadership has told lawmakers that there will be consequences for those who vote against such resolutions.
Leadership previously attacked several other members of the House, retiring representatives Trent Franks (R-AZ), Cynthia Lummis (R-WY) and Steve Pearce (R-NM) from their positions in the team vice president. Rumors say that Boehner and his allies have not yet finished: familiar with the leadership of the Republicans in the House they told Breitbart News that prior to the vote of Obamatrade period, the leadership offered the wavering members chairs of subcommittees, specifically those currently occupied by the representative Louie Gohmert (R-TX) and the president of Freedom House Caucus, Representative Jim Jordan (R-OH). If leadership continues its punishment of members who vote according to their conscience, it is likely that this situation will not make it worse.
I am very happy to see that Ted knows a mistake and make amends. That makes me increase my esteem for him. For now, and waiting to see what such intones the song of Lady Gaga is going to have to sing, he remains in the second step of the "thermometer GRGP" but no doubt that little to no tune, come back up to the cusp. By the way, I do not know if they also force you to bring your home guacamole. Perhaps it abuses, but we upset a lot. I think it will be sufficient to pay the beers, right?
See how the "Thermometer GRGP" is starting to become something to take into account all the candidates? I expected no less ...