Thursday, June 25, 2015

On Sarah And Bristol And Ted Kennedy And Who'd be A Mother?

With the news that Bristol Palin is pregnant, again, the usual haters mob will be having a field day. That they are sad alleged humans who roll in the dirt of human frailty and challenges is obvious, and that's all that needs to be advised of them.

What is for reflection is the role of Motherhood. Sarah Palin has certainly had her challenges in that role-perhaps more than most if we catalog them.

A son who went off to war wit the heartache that would cause any parent and returned with PTSD, and who then had a failed marriage. A child born with Downs syndrome with not only the incredible stress that entails, but the added stress of the idiots who actually claimed the child was not hers.

A teenage daughter who fell pregnant at the very moment when Sarah's opportunity for greatness beckoned and which daughter has endured a divorce, being a solo mother and now having a failed engagement and is pregnant again.

In my opinion Dad's nowadays seem to take out of wedlock pregnancies with a shrug-things happen but for Mothers, not so much. Again, who'd be a mother!

One theme runs through all of this, the tight, unbreakable and impenetrable family bond that is clearly a marker of the Palin family, and which clearly shows Sarah and Todd and the binding factor which holds them all together through these trials and tribulations which might, in many cases, have broken up a marriage.

One aspect stands, shining, through all this too, and is the rock solid foundation and that is the unbending commitment to life. Four pregnancies could have been terminated and none were despite the huge pressure for them to be.

In this, Sarah's unbending values stand head and shoulders above the rotten 'values' of the haters-she walks the walk and talks the talk and subsequently children are born and are loved instead of being aborted.

As far as Sarah's possible run for president the haters will once again condemn her to the ashes. That Ted Kennedy, leftist "lion" could drown a poor young woman and have the nerve not only to run for president but do so against a sitting president of his own party and have that totally OK by the left (not to mention the Clinton's and Biden's et al family problems) should, in a just world, condemn them as hypocrites. 

Why Sarah's daughter's pregnancies should be considered as far worse than drowning a woman and preclude her running for office is a mystery that perhaps only psychiatrists could attempt to explain.

Sarah Palin, Pro-Life Mother of the Decade, suffering servant, and ideal candidate for president 2016.