Friday, June 26, 2015

Evangelicals Were Wrong-Palin Isn't A Modern "Queen Esther" She Is Job

I can state, with absolute assurance, that no woman in American political life has had as much hate, dirt, lies, filth, distortion thrown at her than Sarah Palin. Who has ever had a muckraking "journalist" move in next door to spy on them whilst writing a "book" filled with utter hate? 

Who has had every aspect of their children's lives subject to a scrutiny that has no bearing to any validity in relation to Palin's political stances. Who has had the mad lie that her child is not her own spread about her for seven years by clearly insane haters with access to Blogs?

Any made up story about her gets credence and headlines "Palin's to divorce in million dollar settlement" "Palin had an affair with her husbands business partner" Palin's husband spent time with prostitutes." Which person in political life (or any other profession) has had a porn "double" making a living pretending to be them?

The foregoing is only a tiny portion of the hate, madness, and obscenity that has been thrown at Palin for all these years. And for what crime? She has spoken ill (in the minds of the haters) of their idol Barack Obama, she refused to have an abortion, she believes in the sanctity of marriage between a man and a woman, which latter has brought down on her head the crown of thorns of the utter hatred of the powerful radical homosexual lobby especially the media/Hollywood section.

In the flush of the 2008 presidential election much speculation erupted in Evangelical circles that Governor Palin was a modern day version of the Biblical heroine Queen Esther. Briefly (but much expanded on here)

Esther was a Jewish beauty queen raised to be the consort of the Persian (Iran) King. She interceded with the King to save the Jews who were being prepared for extermination by a wicked counselor who got his comeuppance instead. 

Evangelicals saw echoes of Palin's rise from obscurity to potentially be a protector of modern day Israel, this connection was further remarked on when, during her resignation speech, Palin said "If I die I die", which is seemingly a paraphrase of words attributed to Esther as she embarked on her saving mission.

Time may yet prove the Evangelicals visions from 2009/9 as being prophetic. One can get a sense of how deeply the connection was felt at a spiritual level both by Evangelicals and, apparently the Palin's here in a most dramatic and moving testimony of a direct encounter. But it may well be that the wrong biblical reference was viewed in 2008 and time has shown that Palin is better compared to Job of the Jewish Bible.

The story of Job is summarised  (reduced by me) at 'Biblehub' in this manner:

In Job, we see a man who God allows to be directly attacked by Satan. He is an example of faithfulness as he loses everything important to him yet remains faithful to God. Its purpose is to illustrate God’s sovereignty and faithfulness during a time of great suffering.

•    From chapters 4-37, Job’s friends give him plenty of bad advice, in rounds of discussion. They mistakenly blame his sufferings on his personal sins rather than God testing and growing Job. One of them was half-correct in that God wanted to humble him, but this was only a part of God’s test.

•    In chapters 38-42, God speaks to Job and restores him. ”. God then brings him to an understanding that believers don’t always know what God is doing in their lives.
In the end, Job answers God by saying, “I have declared that which I did not understand”. God then blessed Job with twice as much as he had before his trials began."

If the story of Job had been written with the catalog of horrors visited on this slight woman instead of Job's horrors the questioning of how there could be a loving God who could bring such calamity's would be valid.

For Christians the answer must surely be the same as the answer that is given for Job's sufferings. We know nothing of God's purpose and plan and what is mysterious and challenging to us at present will hopefully ("in hope" is the correct view) be seen to turn out for the best, the best as God determines it.

Through Palin's Job like challenges she has remained incredibly stoic and cheerful which can only be the result of having a loving family and a deep and abiding faith in a loving God. 

For those of us who view this in awe and in Christian humility,  our role is to pray and support her in any way we can. If God restores her and elevates her to an Esther status at a time when "Persia' threatens Israel then she will have moved from Job suffering to Esther fulfillment. For the sake of America and God's chosen land Israel it is a consummation devoutly to be wished