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Palin Site News Translated From Spanish Edition 05/31/15 GOP Primary Review

WAITER, two beers!

PrimariasGOPThey would have to be four beers, but finally have fallen in two. Of the four potential candidates for the Republican primary was said that this week would take the final step, only two have met Rick Santorum and George Pataki (no, it has nothing to do with our Elsa, I think). Of the other two, Lindsey Graham and Rick Perry, yet nothing is known. There are also rumors that John Kasich is having problems when combine his campaign or to obtain sufficient funds to embark on the adventure andit will wait until the end of June to make his candidacy official. About the latter case, it seems to me that this is a polite way of saying that will not present because starting in late June will not have enough time to score in the polls of voting intentions to participate in the first televised debate of August 6. And as for the second, that of September, starting from such a position of disadvantage, will head the group of figureheads, discards.
Anyway, the fact is that we have eight candidates in contention and our "Thermometer GRGP" begins to heat up. As you can see, I've located Santorum in a decent position and Pataki in an indecent position; certainly this is only my personal opinion and may change over time, but now I think it reflects very well located where each of the candidates announced politically.
Santorum announced his candidacy last Wednesday night and, to begin with, was enacted as the candidate of the American manual workers. His keynote address focused almost entirely on the challenges that these workers are now finding in these times of uncontrolled immigration and freehold interests of large companies when it comes to legislating in Washington. It is a change from what was expected of Santorum, who has always been seen as the most likely to seek and receive the votes of the religious right candidate, but this year decided to give a twist to their image and reinvent itself as the "union" candidate, if I may say so. The downside is that it forces you to side with hardly acceptable by conservative positions, such as raising the minimum wage. Anyway, I guess trust carve out a niche for itself in the first months and then if Huckabee is the paste (which the stick), running to take their place in the little heart of the religious right voters. Moreover, his presentation speech was correct enough so that you can be considered a cool curator of Paraguay, supporting the US military and its veterans, promising to give up the ass to ISIS, siding with Israel, lowering taxes by repealing Obamacare and everything else.Santorum also endeavored to remember that in 2012 won the primaries in 11 states and received 4 million votes, but that I see misleading because in 2012 what happened is that with the continuous series of setbacks harvested by more favored candidates he (eg, Herman Cain and Newt Gingrich), he was the only one left who enough differed Mitt Romney to serve as an alternative to it. Santorum was the lesser evil of that year, not the favorite, and in 2016, with such a range of candidates, bad is going to have to repeat his feat (failed, of course) of 2012. The truth is I have not seen Santorum with chances of reaching South Carolina, but it is certainly at least one conservative candidate with whom I sympathize, but nothing more. I'm Ted and nobody else.
As for Pataki, for he is a former governor of New York, a position he held for three consecutive terms. In fact, he was the governor during the 11-S and its performance in those days was successful and effective, but all of the time is the eventually led President George Bush and the mayor, Rudy Giuliani. Although now go conservative, Pataki is a moderate Republican, it has always been a moderate Republican and if elected president, would be a moderate Republican president; that is, nearly Democrat (one Nelson Rockefeller of the century, come on). However, this year what you get is the conservatism ("Now we'll all be conservative," I would say that), Pataki made ​​his keynote speech elaborating on these issues, opposing Obamacare , shitting on illegal immigration, promising less public and less to government spending. Nothing new; It's the same thing they do every RINO when they kick off their election campaigns promise what they know that their constituents want, only to forget all about it as soon as they deposit their pompous asses in the desired chair. Pataki is the guy who's saying he wants to unite the Republican Party and lead it to victory in 2016, which is exactly what RINO say all those who claim that the Republican Party to win, we must be democratic and be nonsense, which Reagan is quite dead and nobody remembers him. Ja, because I aviado it is! Pataki, the best thing I can imagine is that with the delay by the Republican establishment to decide who will be their candidate, he has decided to be offered in the hope that it is true that the popular wisdom that says who gives first, It gives twice. I not think it works because as soon as Jeb Bush jump into the fray, Pataki two candles, unable to convince conservatives that he is one of theirs and unnecessary stay for the establishment , already have their candidate . Of course, Bush is taking too long, the outlook is not very encouraging for a liberal Republican in these times of hard-nosed conservative thought and Pataki will focus all fire on Bush, maybe that ends inhabilitándole (apart from that there are too many rumors about Bush really does not occur and that makes it almost by obligation) and then he himself could stand as the perfect replacement: neither too conservative nor too liberal. It is a miscalculation, but we'll see what comes of it. If Bush is finally presented, I sincerely believe that Pataki did not even come to Iowa.
Otherwise, I have some news about Ted Cruz (nor is it half an hour talking about two guys who do not care about a damn thing about Ted and I did not mention it). The first is that you have composed a song, ha ha ha. Yes really! But it is not what you are thinking; no beautiful singer country has declared love with him. This is a group of hip-hop Christian (yes, there is that, to my series on best songs I refer conservative) called We Are Watchmen has released a song in support of Ted and his presidential candidacy. "Set It On Fire" is the title and this is his song and the original and the translation of the letter:
It's like we're back in the late seventies, a task force is dead, emboldened enemies;
Can you hear the voice of Reagan saying the Fed is not the remedy?
The banner's in the air for the conservative ascendency.
America, These are perilous times ...
Our pedigree is heredity and liberty intrepidly;
Individuals and family morality is the recipe;
The more we stray from That the more we waver from our legacy;
DC Make listen, switch off the dead news.
The lame stream media feeding us the fed stew;
The true solution is
Return to the roots of our Constitution.
Remove this monster boot off the neck of our sovereign Union;
Select Cross and Let's Get Through This, the movement;
Reignite the promise.
If you're conservative, Then prove it.

It's like we're back in the late seventies; the workforce is dead, his emboldened enemies;
Can you hear the voice of Reagan saying the [federal] government is not the remedy ?;
The conservative ascendancy is in question;
United States, these are dangerous times ...;
Our heritage and our pedigree is freedom without fear;
Personal and family morality is the recipe;
The more we move away from it, the more we give up our heritage;
Make hear the capital, news dying off;
Biased media communication of government feed us stew;
The real solution is;
Back to the roots of our Constitution;
Take away this monstrous boot from the neck of our sovereign union;
Choose Cruz and we all move together;
Rekindles the promise;
If you are conservative, prove it.
On its website, We Are Watchmen a group that uses music with a message to mobilize American Christians in fulfilling their civic duties (eg voting in elections) are declared. So, they say like in many churches in Germany sang louder on Sunday morning to drown out the screams of prisoners Jews in wagons on the way to the concentration camps, most banks pulpits and US churches They have been too prone to ignore the rampant evil is taking over this great Christian nation it once was. Because, they say, less than 25% of American Christians vote.
Interesting, is not it? The first clear sign that I see that the US Christian right is beginning to adopt Cruz as its candidate. Poor Huckabee, to be left without a vote that carried the wallet! And ready Santorum, who has seen it that way there's nothing to do! Attentive, friends, this has only made to start.
Also new on Ted Cruz I have is that it seems that Rand Paul has begun to identify as its main rival, which says a lot about Paul fears that many libertarians may prefer to cross before himself. All this comes following a scuffle between the two that took place a few days ago. The fact is that the two have divergent positions on foreign policy, something we already knew too well, and when Paul led the opposition to the Freedom Act, a law that replaced the Patriot Act, but including restrictions on the ability of the NSA to collect massive recordings of phone calls, Cruz disagreed with him. Paul voted no, Cruz voted yes and Paul took it quite badly. Cruz then declared that he is a good friend of Paul, who always have been, but I disagree with him on issues of foreign affairs because he believes that American leadership in the world is essential. Certainly believes that the US should not deploy military force without rhyme or reason, but even so, there are limits and as Reagan said, the United States has a vital role to play. Paul replied that he disliked that Cruz "misrepresent" their positions and despite having always been good friends, that suited him very badly and was not edispuesto to pass up. Result: a PAC super linked to Rand Paul, America's Liberty Super PAC, has issued an election notice for Paul in which it is presented to Cruz as a "Canadian" against the background of a flag of Canada has capitulated and supports the President Obama, while Paul is reflected as a macho (shirtless, in the style of Putin) fighting alone against all.
My opinion? Cruz is beginning to take shape as the great "dining room" of the votes of all other candidates and those candidates have begun to realize. Cruz presenting himself as the candidate of the Tea Party, that, first, lets you easily reach the more than 60% of Republican voters in the primaries of 2012 Tea Party supporters declared. In addition, defining its position in favor of social and fiscal conservatism, it lends a special charm between religious and non-religious voters, but very concerned about their pocket (which is everyone). For his part, Paul is surprising to me because it had a little to spoil his libertarian discourse and tended more towards the traditional conservatism, but it is not the case and that I consider a mistake: only 12% of Republican voters are declared libertarian and Still, in these times of direct threat from Islam, many of them prefer to park the issue of "splendid isolation" of the United States for greater security. Paul can not claim to be a carbon copy of his father, Ron, because if you do, it will be with all of the law and their application will end before South Carolina. Play libertarian letter was good in 2010, but in 2016 is political suicide. Anyway, he'll know it's a big boy. For my part, I am very glad to see that Ted is doing as well as for all to fear. That confirms me in my view that he is our man.
Ted Live!