Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Contradicting Media Dismissing Palin For 2016;Holding Elected Office Not Necessary For Nomination: 40% Of Nominees Did Not

One of the many media/leftist memes I have seen is that "Sarah Palin will never hold elective office again." 

Why the left/media should continue to attack and berate someone who was a VP candidate four years ago, whom they deem irrelevant is a mystery. Unless, perhaps, they perceive her as a long term threat, which is of course justifiable and reasonable even if not stated.

The 'will never hold office again" meme I take as implying some sort of absolute impediment to her being able to be a candidate for the presidency as, apparently, being in some sort of elected position at the time of the primary/convention season is a prerequisite.

Expecting Palin to, at some point in the future, possibly commencing in the pre-election year of 2015, announce a run for the presidency it may be of value for supporters to be immediately able to counter this meme should it, undoubtedly I believe, arise.

If every one of the 25 elections held in the past 100 years is examined, commencing with the Wilson versus Roosevelt/Taft election of 1912 the truth is that of the major party candidates 40% of elections (10) included candidates who were not office holders at the time of their nomination/election.

Most had held some elective office, as has of course Governor Palin, but, again, they were not in any office on election day. 

Thus, clearly, not holding office is absolutely, historically, nothing that Palin need see as a restriction to her running. And, clearly it is nothing the left/media can use effectively once any such notion is countered with the data below.

I detail below the candidates not in office on election day over the last 100 years of presidential elections.

1912 Teddy Roosevelt
1916 Charles Evans Hughes (SC Justice-Appointed not elected)
1924 John W. Davis
1940 Wendell Wilkie (never held elective office)
1956 Adlai Stevenson
1976 Jimmy Carter
1980 Ronald Reagan
1984 Walter Mondale
1996 Bob Dole
2012 Mitt Romney