Thursday, September 4, 2014

UPDATE WITH SLIDE SHOW LINK:18 Photo's Of Governor Palin Speaking At GCU With Audience Comments

This striking photograph and dozens more in a full sized slide show at; "Arizona Foothills"
  AT THIS LINK  (not the photo)

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Obama Impotent, Pulled out Early: Sarah Palin

Great to meet at the Mighty Oaks Warrior Foundation gala in Texas.
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Arizona CBS report "Unfair& Biased" On Palin address at GCU.Nice pic's of her/audience comments the rest is MSM bull

Fun time listening to and meeting herself, at
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Great message and fierce shoes!
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When Sarah Palin comes to GCU to speak and commends the school for teaching the truth of Jesus Christ

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Obama... when are you going to ask muslims to stop clinging to guns and religion??
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It's a tough job but someone's gotta do it
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The ladies take the stage at GCU
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My husband is great at many things...taking pics, not so much
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Just met Sarah Palin and I share my story. Great woman & leader ....
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"The president doesn't respect the people & he shows it when he bypasses the people's representatives."
"ISIS needs to know that they are going straight to hell and the red, white, and blue will send them there!"
"If we desire to secure peace, we must let it be known at all times that we are ready for war."
"The world couldn't negotiate with Hitler and we can't with ISIS. This month is the 75th anniversary of WWII which we should have seen coming. He made his intentions clear."
"That death cult means it when they say they will raise their flag over our nation. Have you ever read the bible? Read Revelation."
"That death cult (ISIS) they don't just sell the women into slavery. Where are the feminists? Those phony, hypocritical ppl!"
"Obama said "I've got terrorism on the run." Yeah, running right towards us."
"Our country needs a come to Jesus realization. It's been just a matter of months that terrorism has grown."
"No one has the brains and the braun and the might of our United States military."
"Obama's impotent because he pulled out early (of Iraq). He told our enemies our planned action."
"Illegal immigration will kill the American dream for all those Americans and legal immigrants who work hard to obtain it."
"The first act of ILLEGAL immigrants upon our soil is to break the law."
"Feds, Arizona will show you how to secure the border because they are on the front lines in the border battle."
"We need to exercise time tested truth that built this country into the most prosperous & most generous in the world."
"My worry? Can we survive the people who voted for Obama TWICE? What does that say? We've got some work to do."
"We don't need fundamental transformation of America. We need a fundamental RESTORATION of all that's free, good & prosperous."
"I am not disrespecting the Office of the Presidency. I'm disrespecting the guy in office because he doesn't deserve respect."
"We could have REAL job growth if Obama took his foot off the neck of business!"
"You don't MANAGE monsters who thirst for American blood."
"In regards to ISIS and Obama's lack of strategy: Strategize THIS! We WIN and THEY LOSE!"
"Obama says we never leave an American behind. Two Americans were left behind and beheaded. What about our Marine in Mexico?"
"All these scandals are to overload the system. Make us get used to the status quo of that's the way it is."
"I find it ironic that he who chanted 'yes we can' has become the 'no we can't president'."
"We need leaders who still believe that America is a place of greatness and opportunity. We must do a better job of getting the vote out for those leaders who will protect our borders."
"Obama parties with the 1% while denouncing them. Hypocrisy much?"
"We're not going to put up with political correctness. We will not be told to sit down and shut up."