Friday, September 26, 2014

Governor Palin In D.C.Values Voters Summit Media Compendium;+Tweets &Speech



‘Don’t Let ’em Getcha Down:’ 11 Values-Based Zingers From Sarah Palin DAILY SIGNAL LINK



Scorn: Wear it with Pride – Sarah Palin, Values Voter Summit

‘Doggone it!’ Sarah Palin cracks joke about her ‘1400 Pennsylvania Avenue’ gaffe; Updated with new photoTWITCHY LINK




The Blaze LINK

Sarah Palin Gives Obama Coffee Cup Salute in Passionate Speech

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Raw Story LINK

Sarah Palin: Christian conservatives are ‘the most slandered group in America’


Time Magazine:

Sarah Palin Knocks Obama’s ‘Latte Salute’ LINK


Sarah Palin: Liberals think "Barack's bombs are the bomb" LINK CBS NEWS


Palin salutes the commander-in-chief at

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Governor Palin in Joplin Missouri; A Media Compendium+

Life Choices 25th Anniversary

Lovely ABC Video report  LINK 


VIDEO: Governor Palin’s Press Conference in Joplin



Before It's News

LifeChoices Model to Follow: Sarah Palin

Video and overview LINK

WWL TV Print report

Sarah Palin coming to Louisiana to campaign for Maness LINK

Sarah Palin has such heart
This Sarah Palin pic will touch your heart. Praying over a young boy with special needs. God bless them both.

Joplin Globe;

"Sarah Palin shares experience having child with Down syndrome LINK

Thank you for sharing your heart and spirit tonight! Come back to Joplin, MO soon!!

Excited to've saw 2nite at MSSU! Had to face my fear of heights... & nose bleeds. top section Taylor Auditorium.

Thank you for coming to Joplin and speaking tonight. We were encouraged and blessed by your words!

Blury, but yes! On left is freaking Sarah Palin! My life has been made.

Governor Palin in Louisiana; A Media Compendium+Photo's With Maness

Sarah Palin Serves Gator with Maness


Col. Rob Maness (ret.) for US Senate

It's been a pleasure having Governor Palin back in Louisiana supporting our campaign at our #OneOfUs event this afternoon!

This campaign is fueled by the grassroots! Our success on Election Day will be because 100's of grassroots supporters who are working hard every single day to spread the word and make sure voters in Louisiana know that in this race for US Senate it's #OneOfUs vs #TwoOfThem.

View image on Twitter

View image on Twitter


  • CBS TVVideo clip Gov.Palin petting an alligator at Maness funder

  • David Limbaugh ‏@DavidLimbaugh 10s
    It was great to hear (and then meet backstage) @SarahPalinUSA — a true American hero — at #VVS14 yesterday.

      • Comment from an attendee;
        "Just got back from the Maness lunch in NOLA. I can't overstate enough how much I believe in this guy. He brought Sarah close to tears when he gave her a coin that was given to him by a fallen airmen. He said it was an AF tradition to pass the coin on between warriors and that he wanted to give it to "our leader."
        I've canvassed and tweeted and written for the campaign. I've even done a "One of Us" endorsement for Maness, but I had never met the guy. I shook his hand and told him my name, and he remembered it. He gave me a bro hug, thanked me, and said "I love you, man!" Really genuinely cool guy with a sweet family.
        Sarah served me a bowl of gumbo. I shook her hand and immediately forgot everything I wanted to say (including that I've written here at C4P before), so we just small talked for a bit about the oil field and the similarities between Lafayette and Prudhoe Bay. Out of all the people at the restaurant, I think I saw her spend the most time talking to these two young waitresses who weren't even there for the event and making them laugh.
        Also she practically pushed the gator wrangler guy aside and grabbed it out of his hands and started rocking it and patting its belly like a big baby while chatting with him and Rob.
        There was a lot of energy there, and Rob's speech left everyone really pumped up. Should make November interesting."

      "Palin Time (EXTRACT)
      Maness already has an endorsement from Sarah Palin. Now, the Tea Party darling is ditching Alaska for warmer environs. Palin joined Maness at one of his #OneOfUs campaign rallies today. Palin was warmly welcomed by sizable crowd at Restaurant des Familles in Crown Point."

      Times Picayune LINK

      Sarah Palin Alligator

      Sarah Palin holds an alligator during Rob Maness campaign event

      A Surprise guest! The look on Sarah Palin's face 
      says it all!
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      Just got done hanging out w/ & . They even served lunch.

      Palin will stump for Louisiana Tea Party Senate hopeful

      The Hill (blog) - ‎15 hours ago‎
      Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin (R) will stump for Tea Party-backed Louisiana Senate candidate Rob Maness this weekend, and the two will dine on alligator. The conservative star is slated to appear at a Saturday event organized around Maness's ...

      Sarah Palin to the Republican Rescue

      Guardian Liberty Voice - ‎59 minutes ago‎
      The former Vice Presidential candidate is a known Tea Party supporter, and after her stop in Kansas to show support for Roberts, Sarah Palin is headed next to Louisiana to attempt to rescue the campaign for Tea Party member, Republican Rob Maness in a ...

      Sarah Palin to campaign Saturday in Louisiana with Republican Senate ...

      Daily Journal - ‎13 hours ago‎
      BATON ROUGE, Louisiana — Republican U.S. Senate candidate Rob Maness is getting campaign help this weekend from former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin. The Maness campaign says Palin will visit a Jefferson Parish restaurant on Saturday to eat alligator ...

      News roundup: Foundation for EBR schools adds five directors … Palin to visit ...

      Greater Baton Rouge Business Report - ‎11 hours ago‎
      ... down alligators in a Louisiana swamp. Maness, a tea party favorite and retired Air Force colonel, is running against Democratic incumbent Mary Landrieu and her chief GOP challenger, U.S. Rep. Bill Cassidy. Palin has also recorded a radio ad for Maness.

      Political Minute September 25, 2014

      MyArkLaMiss (press release) (blog) - ‎8 hours ago‎
      Rob Maness is also getting a boost to his campaign. This Saturday, former Republican Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin will campaign with Maness during an event Saturday in south LouisianaPalin has already endorsed Maness in the Senate race.
      Free Republic (comments always "interesting) LINK
      Sarah Palin coming to Louisiana to campaign for Maness

      USA Today LINK

      Palin to campaign for Rob Maness in Louisiana Senate race


      Palin to campaign for tea-party longshot in tight Landrieu/Cassidy Louisiana Senate race


      Louisiana Hayride

      Sarah Palin Coming Back To Louisiana To Campaign For Rob Maness   LINK


      Washington Post Sean Sullivan

      Why Sarah Palin is in demand on the campaign trail this week LINK 

      "(Palin) isn't as big a draw as she was" It must be true as WashPosts Sean Sullivan say so-even if standing room only at events


      Sarah Palin to attend Rob Maness campaign event in 

      Crown Point on Saturday TIMES PICAYUNE LINK


      WWL TV Print report

      Sarah Palin coming to Louisiana to campaign for Maness LINK