Wednesday, August 20, 2014


Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin endorsed Joe Miller, the Alaska GOP senate candidate whose candidate whose views and policies she determined as nearest to her own just 4 days prior to the election.
Miller went from 17.6 in the Huffington Post final polling aggregate to 32% on the night giving him an 80% lift in polls (against all the pollsters predictions.) 
Palin ensured her "mojo" is still in place, whilst avoiding blame for Begich winning if Miller, seen as the weakest candidate had won GOP nomination.She can campaign for Sullivan, as Miller is pledged to presumably given his confirmation he won't run 3rd party, and Palin will get kudo's when he wins.
Palin obviously had the opportunity to endorse Miller a month a go or more if she wanted to-the three candidates, Sullivan, Treadwell and Miller's positions were very clear then. She, a brilliant strategist, chose to endorse four days prior for reasons that seem clear to me.
The result is the worst possible one for the Democratsas seen by this early results comment (which shows how much the "progressives" there have swallowed the anti-Palin line) at Daily Kos;"I can't believe what I'm seeing Miller, no money and no resources only 6 behind Sullivan".
This "no resources" comment is correct-Miller had a campaign chest of $327K compared to Dan Sullivan who had $4 million and the support of the GOP's Rovian establishment.That also applies to the "Aces" proposition also ontheballot Big oil spent $14.7 for no on Prop 1 , while prop 1 supporters spent $628K.
No doubt Governor Palin would have been delighted if Miller had won but the result goes far to not only giving the GOP a very favorable chancer of winning the Alaska senate seat but also,and the most dreaded result for the Dems,' control of the senate. At the very least the seat is now highly competitive and the DNC will have to throw vast resources at it in a desperate attempt to keep control of the senate
 Palin, constantly written off and underestimated by the Dem's and the media once again defies her critics and lives to fight again for the conservative point of view
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