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Selena Owens and Sarah Palin
Selena Owens and Sarah Palin
I’m wondering where the American spirit is these days, because I’m encountering conversations and commentary pushing the notion that Sarah Palin, a prominent conservative politician and noted tea party champion of We the People, should concede and hush her mouths for the sake of Republicanism.
Specifically, I’m speaking of the former governor’s choice to proudly display some American spirit and tell Congress to impeach Barack Obama.
Yes, I am on the Palin bandwagon in this issue. Our country is at stake.
Sarah Palin is calling for Obama’s impeachment, citing the immigration crisis as “the last straw that makes the battered wife say ‘no mas.’” Barack Obama has proven time and again that he couldn’t care less about American principles, laws, or citizens. Impeachment has been the rally cry of conservatives for a few years, even from prominent leaders like Allen West and other congressmen. Barack Obama needs to go – or we forfeit America.
The title of a Facebook group I’m a member of hits the nail on the head: “It’s America or Obama; it Can’t be Both.” (Exactly, GOP.)
My colleague Lloyd Marcus, black conservative patriotic songwriter and chairman of Conservative Campaign Committee PAC, is one who proudly stands with Sarah Palin and led a charge I’m proud to follow. Marcus’ op-ed has been making waves on social media, disproving the notion that impeachment is about race, but rather about Obama’s destructive policies and the effect of those polices upon America’s future. Just to be clear, Palin stakes claim to 25 impeachable offenses Barack Obama is guilty of. So we’re not talking petty issues here. We’re talking mandating the unconstitutional Affordable Care Act upon Americans to IRS targeting of conservative groups to Benghazi to abuse of executive orders. What more do we need?
Sarah Palin is a prominent political figure who belongs to We the People and has absolutely nothing to do with political pandering. She makes waves and people take notice – especially Republicans who want to just go along to get along and try to ensure that their party’s image is not tarnished and that they can “safely” ensure votes by not allowing anyone to disturb their plans. So they want Palin to shut up and not rock the boat. Specifically, House Speaker John “I disagree” Boehner.
You would think the GOP would know better to expect anything less than a challenging confrontation and bold patriotism from the gutsy governor. Apparently, they don’t.
Conservatives expect Democrats like Eric Holder to hurl insults at Palin, but it’s another story when Republicans and media pundits like Bernard Goldberg label Palin’s call-to-action “beyond terrible.” Bill O’Reilly says Palin’s actions are a step in the wrong direction that would just make all of Obama’s other actions “recede,” because, consequently, media focus would be “all about this impeachment.”
Precisely, O’Reilly. We want media attention about impeaching Obama; that’s the plan.
But besides taking sides on who’s right or wrong or indifferent on impeaching our imperial president, this question stands out to me: Where’s the American spirit these days?
I can tell you where it’s not.
Obviously, the American spirit is nowhere in this current administration. Think Obamacare. Benghazi. IRS scandal. NSA spying. Immigration. Open borders. Gun control.
The American spirit is sorely missing in the ranks of GOP leadership, the one place it should be firmly entrenched.
It’s not present in some “conservative” political pundits.
And it’s definitely lacking in mainstream media.
Just where is the American spirit?
The American spirit is embodied in national political figures such as Sarah Palin – and others – who fight for the American people. The American spirit is embodied in local tea party leaders in Mississippi and Connecticut and Tennessee and anyone else who champions adherence to the two most fantastic documents revered worldwide: The Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution.
The American spirit is harbored deep within every American citizen who resolutely stands for American principles, the rule of law and constitutional adherence to our system of laws. And it’s housed in those who trust in the foundational biblical principles of our nation.
The American spirit must be embraced, championed, treasured and fought for especially in an age where just the opposite is hurled at us from the highest seat in the nation. No amount of pleasantries, party pandering and political pimping can help us at this point. In fact, such tactics helped propel us to the place where we are fighting tooth and nail to stave off deeply entrenched socialism in an attempt to regain a semblance of American idealism.
If we have any hope at all, it’s because we believe in and fight for what’s right in America, just like Sarah Palin does, no matter the fallout.
It’s time to be bold and to stand with the bold.
That’s the American spirit.

Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2014/07/im-with-sarah-palin-impeach-him/#tFxEsF1t3kdGEHSW.99

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