Monday, July 14, 2014

A companion for Trig-a mother's heart the media Palin hate machine doesn't show

From Quad City Times

How a puppy from Delmar is becoming the Palins' pet

2014-07-14T17:37:00Z 2014-07-14T19:03:13Z How a puppy from Delmar is becoming the Palins' petBill Wundram The Quad-City Times
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It’s a little hard to imagine that a dog from eastern Iowa is going to be the pet of the son of a woman who wanted to be the nation's vice president.
Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin was interested in a Labrador retriever as a companion for her 6-year-old son Trig.
“The Palins contacted me, knowing that I have a class kennel in Delmar, Iowa, that works only with the highest-bred retrievers. Our name is Iron Hill Retrievers,” Christina “Chris” Clark says.
That set things in motion.
Clark is associated with PuppyJake, a training program for dogs with an emphasis on assisting servicemen who have been injured or have other problems. She had a friend with PuppyJake who knows Palin, and the associate took one of Clark's Delmar-born black Labrador retrievers named Jill to Des Moines, where Palin was making an appearance on behalf of congressional candidate Sen. Joni Ernst, R-Red Oak. In between politicking, including a gloves-off speech, Palin found time to make the young dog's acquaintance.
Jill had been born in January, and Palin was interested in the dog. Labs love everyone they meet, and Palin took an immediate liking to Jill.
She wanted her special needs son to have a docile Lab as a perfect companion.
“English-type retrievers are especially docile for someone like Trig,” Clark says.
Well, after all was said and done, Palin agreed to buy Jill. There would be some months of training through Canine Craze Performance Center in Urbandale, Iowa, and by late summer, the black Lab should be ready to get into Trig's arms. The boy will be able to play and roll with the amiable dog.
I talked Monday with Clark, who was thrilled that one of her dogs would land in the hands of a celebrity family. While we visited, she said, “I must have eight dogs running around the house. They’re all so friendly.”
Prices for Clark's dogs are whatever she decides. “But they are on the upscale,” she says.
It’s not clear how they’re going to get Jill from Iowa into the Palins' Alaska household. They could fly to the family's home in Wasilla, or there may be other routes.