Monday, June 16, 2014

Governor Palin Hits Highest Polling Favorability Since 2009 At 55.61%

Governor Palin's latest EM poll rating finds her at heights not seen in five years at 55.61% Approval. 

This reinforces the findings from the leftist associated polling company PPP Polling that Governor Palin rated at 68% favorability amongst Republicans in Iowa: 

Online election results for "Sarah Palin" in graph.

Popularity Sarah Palin [30 days]


Online election results for "Sarah Palin" in graph.

Popularity Sarah Palin [180 days]


Online election results for "Sarah Palin" in graph.

Popularity Sarah Palin [360 days]


Online election results for "Sarah Palin" in graph.

Popularity Sarah Palin [All time]

Now today's poll result at Election Meter.Com LINK  has her approval also at a significant level. 

The new 6000+ aggregate vote EM Poll gives Palin a 55.61% approval rating. This is her ninth rating above 45% by one point or more increases in this poll since 2010, and shows the long struggle against media distortion she has had to undertake. Still, the slow and steady rise continues-as Palin's polling over the last year indicates clearly.

Undertake the long struggle she has done indeed, and her tenacity seems to finally be paying, off as voters now are seeing her in a substantially positive light again.The following factors may also have been significant contributors to her continuous rise

Her strong statements on President Obama's handling of  the economy during and after the 2012 election have clearly elicited a  positive response. Voters look for strength of character and unwavering conviction which, whether one agrees with her views or not, Palin has in abundance

Her winning endorsements for high profile campaigns e.g. Deb Fischer's and Ben Sasse's come from behind Senate primary wins, and Ted Cruz's remarkable rise in Texas-all of whom won their election campaigns with Palin's support adds to th eperception of the influence and power of Palin.

Yes certainly, the Election Meter poll is an on-line poll and can be discounted to a degree because of that. However, when Palin was at her absolute nadir in this poll in 2010 at 19.2% her enemies would have seized on it as being representative of a general feeling. 

There is some degree of validity to that view, although it is distorted and extreme, but on the other hand the steady, seemingly inexorable rise since then must also reflect a wider reality-which will of course be ignored by her enemies.

The longer term graphs which, because of the time frame involved, must be valid in the wider context they support. Surely the absolute polling height of 72% in 2008 was a genuine reflection of reality at that time.

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