Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Real Comments of Hope & Pride From Decent People At Gov.Palin's New Hope School Grad Speech

She is an awesome speaker ! n

awesome speech tonight. Excited that my daughter and I got to be there!

Governor Sarah Palin just gave one of the best speeches I've ever heard! She's got it figured out and we need more like her in Washington!

Just listened to commencement speech live feed.. Awesome message!!

Loved 's speech at New Hope High School's graduation! Don't be afraid to fail!

Wishing was here with me to hear Sarah Palin speak .. He would have loved it!!

For once in a long time I feel like I live in America!

Just saw Sarah Palin. What a woman

literally half of these people peaced out after Sarah Palin gave her speech.

New Hope Graduation with guest speaker, Sarah Palin. Great speech!!

sarah palin gave an awesome speech. :-) my girl

Photo gallery of Sarah Palin speaking at New Hope graduation tonight posted on at

What did I just see? Kids praying. Kids talking about God in public, in a public school. Kids physically touching teachers.. hugging. Sarah Palin encouraging kids to defend what they believe. Kids loudly applauding Sarah Palin when she pokes fun at "Hopey-Changey".

By Isabel Matos
Who is Cathy Maples?
Cathy Maples is a Huntsville businesswoman, has struck up a friendship with Palin over the years. And when a special occasion arrived, Maples turned to Palin. Camden Brewer, Maples’ grandson, is among the 77 New Hope graduates who will here Sarah Palin speak tonight.  Maples confirmed in an email today to that she asked Palin to speak at the graduation.
“I have met Sarah numerous times and have had dinner with her,” Maples said in the email. “She is the real deal and she is not afraid to speak out about things that are not ‘politically correct.’”