Friday, February 14, 2014

Updated:Design A "Palin For President 2016" Logo/Button Contest.Your Chance For Immortality

If Sarah Palin runs in 2016 then her logo will be an integral aspect of her dynamic image/message and the choosing of it will be a major and serious matter. Whichever one is chosen will be forever a part of the history of the 2016 election and the designer will be, deservedly, immortalized alongside of the creative image.

Here's A LINK to a personalization service 'Dr.Don's" who has templates to play around with

Here  is a "Palin4President 2016" design.I actually like it and think it most certainly might be "the one". There is also the "President Palin" background for this site as illustrated below.



          Palin4President 2016

Logo's are of course enormously important in political campaigns-think of all the Obama imagery that played such a major part in his "Hope and Change" fresh faced new vigor imagery as just one example.

This is where you come in! Get your Palin centered creative mind and skill into gear and send in your best design/s. When there are a big enough number of submissions there will be a viewers poll and the top three will be forwarded to SaraPac to ask for their consideration/forwarding to Sarah. Hopefully they will choose one-should what we all wish for eventuate!

In the comments section provide a link to a Facebook page (or other place where it can be seen and copied from-please advise) where your design is posted or email it to  which has been specially set up to receive emails for this contest.

Good luck with what could be a significant and life changing endeavour! Here's some more images from across the web.
From CafePress a specialist site Link
and some other really attractive ones from "Buttons on Line"here who offer a really great personalization service!2 Personalized Sarah Palin for President 2016 campaign photo button
LINK  Sarah Palin for President 2016 button