Thursday, February 6, 2014

Palin As 2016 Candidate:Transcription Of The Kristol/Scarborough Conversation On Morning Joe

From  "808forpalin" at Conservatives4Palin with thanks for a great effort in bringing clarification to this important item. The video and overview is at Mediaite  AT THIS LINK has (with video of back and forth argument with Chuck Todd)

Kristol Loses It over Chuck Todd’s Suggestion Palin Might Run for President for the Money"


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    I transcribed a chunk of this psychologically revealing segment:
    Joe Scarborough: Bill just was asked who was going to be on the stage at these debates...
    Bill Kristol: ...I did say with great confidence, for me, false confidence,
    that I know nine people on stage after Labor Day, in the first serious
    Republican debate 2015 are going to be. ...
    Jeb Bush will be the establishment candidate. Scarborough: He
    will be in? Kristol: I think so. I think Christie's in trouble. I
    think Jeb is much more likely to run than people have thought. And he will have formidable establishment support. Two sitting governors, I think Midwestern governors, both attractive, Scott Walker of Wisconsin, Mike Pence of Indiana - Pence, I think, underrated, he served in the House, favorite of conservatives, knows about foreign policy as well. Two sitting Republican senators, Ted Cruz and Rand Paul. Scarborough: So you think Cruz will jump in? Kristol: Yes, and they both will have real messages and some real support. I think they are also underrated a little bit.
    ... and then we have Mike Huckabee, who ran in 2008.
    Scarborough: You think he'll jump in, too? Kristol: I think he might.
    And I think he's underrated in Washington. He's an also talented
    candidate. And won Iowa, didn't he, in 2008? And could do it again, I
    think, so that's six. John Bolton. He's the former state department
    official, UN ambassador, who believes strongly that foreign policy
    officials need to be litigated and will want to make the hawkish case on the stage and will do a good job of it. So that's seven.
    Kristol continues: Then, just to have people's heads' explode, of course, I put down Sarah Palin. Why wouldn't she, actually? I was thinking about this. Why wouldn't she think of running, actually. Scarborough: Yeah, why wouldn't she? Kristol: I mean if she could, you know the truth is, she might be quite formidable in the Republican primary. And it would be great, it would be great to have everyone go crazy and Mika would be, you know. I mean -
    look at her already. The head's about to explode, the eyes are getting a little, you know.. And ninth, I said Joe Scarborough. Scarborough: Oh, ok, as a debate moderator, I love it. Kristol: No, no, I think a candidate. Other guy on set: Where's Perry? Rick Perry and those guys will look at the race and try the race, and then realize that, i think they fall out in preseason, in training camp.
    [Stupid banter about Scarborough follows.]
    Kristol: This is just my prediction, not my choices.
    [More banter re Scarborough and Hillary.]
    Scarborough: I would like to talk about Sarah Palin for a second and make a counterintuitive argument for Sarah Palin. [Steele interrupts with bland point]. Scarborough: It's going to be an exciting race. Now I want to talk about Sarah Palin for a second, just to make people's heads' explode, to make Mika's head explode. Sarah Palin is like that athlete that, and I love how Pat Buchanan always talks about political athletes. Sarah Palin is like that athlete, we'll say Babe Ruth, ok? Babe Ruth gets off the field, right? And he's just got, he's just messy and sloppy. He doesn't know how to conduct himself off the field. People could forget if he wasn't on the field for five, six, seven, eight, nine years. That every time he comes to the plate and the pressure's on, he hits a home run. I go back to, and I compare Sarah Palin as a public figure - she's done so many things that disappoint me. I am not a Sarah Palin fan. I think she's made one mistake after another. But, I'm just saying, for argument's sake, if you're Sarah Palin, why not run. Because, I compare her to Oliver North. Remember how the press was killing Oliver North? Killing him. Just eviscerating him. And he was given a microphone for about three or four days. And he owned America. And then he walked off stage. And then the press started kicking Oliver North. And so of course now we all know that Oliver North is this crazy, out-of-control this that and the other. But when he had the microphone - people forget that when Sarah Palin had the microphone, yes she had a bad Katie Couric interview, but not only did she deliver one of the best Republican national convention speeches that I heard in my lifetime - it really was pretty remarkable given everything. Then at the end of the campaign, when my dear friend Joe Biden was stuck on an airplane with
    earphones in, and was drawing 250 people in Pennsylvania, Sarah Palin was lighting up the campaign trail and had thousands and thousands and thousands of people up there, and the only thing the press could do, is scour through the crowd of 10,000 and find one racist sign, and say, oh well, all Sarah Palin supporters are racist, so, while I have been deeply disappointed in Sarah Palin, and I'm not suggesting she has the abilities to be a governor let alone a president given a lot of things, I'm just saying - she's shown some real weaknesses. Get her on the campaign trail, Bill, and she lights it up. I don't know if she still would. But I think the press has forgotten how great she was - she did a good job on the campaign.
    Kristol: Look, she's a huge political talent. She has a real
    populist streak. And a real feel for, sort of, America - Middle America
    - in a way that very few politicians do. I think her biggest mistake,
    from which she probably can't recover, was stepping down as governor part-way through her term. I think she had a rocky [vice?] presidential campaign, but ultimately not actually a bad one. She did not hurt the ticket. I think you can make the case that she might have marginally helped the ticket. In any case, she was young, she could have had a rocky VP campaign, and then gone on to the - she was a pretty good governor of Alaska. Had she stayed as governor, finished the term, said you know, I did some good here, hand it off to the lieutenant governor, I think it's going to be hard for people to get beyond probably her stepping down for sort of unclear reasons. And then she didn't step down and say I'm taking up this project, I'm going to do something for America. She sort of stepped down and became a - Mika B: She made money. And so - Kristol: I think that's a bit of a problem, it's a bit of a problem. So I don't think she ultimately makes it. She makes it through the first two or three debates, she livens things up. Then she withdraws in favor of Joe [Scarborough] ...[yuck yuck]