Monday, February 10, 2014

Left Spews it's Vilest Hate On Governor Palin's 50th Birthday Exposing Corrupt Lack Of A Soul

Showing that the left has no values, scruples and is at heart utterly vile here is a selection of their "best wishes" on Governor Palin's 50th birthday:

Reddest of the red "Seattle pi" which really has it in for Palin runs a snark and lie filled column ( "As vice presidential nominee, Palin helped sink the 2008 GOP ticket," ) by resident PDS sufferer Joel Connelly.

"Sarah Palin at 50: Tributes on the right"

"The Wire" runs a snark filled review of the She Pac conservative women's birthday celebration compilation video
"Only RINOs Didn't Wish Sarah Palin a Happy 50th"

USA Today fills its report on the video with snark:
"The video appears to be a list-building device for ShePAC, since it urges viewers to submit their e-mail addresses to send birthday wishes to Palin.
As is Washington custom, Palin is referred to throughout as “Governor,’’ although she stepped down from the job in 2009, two and a half years into her first term."

From Politico;

Happy birthday you old worn out big mouth hag.

Garry Boldwater RJ Chesnut Jr.
It might just be botox that is making Palin look so aged. She looks like a burrito left to rot in the Arizona sun for 2 days...
 Palin looks like she's 60 or so. Something is wrong with her skin. I've heard everything from oxy addiction to tanning beds to botox abuse cited as causes, but she honestly looks about 15 years removed from menopause. She looks like one of those "After" pictures they show kids to keep them from trying crystal meth, her skin hollow & emaciated. Like a crony old witch from a childrens fairy tale.

And of course Twitter
Jody@FishHawkRdJody27 mins
And Sarah Palin has Greta & Fox pimping her 50th b-day. BFD, she's still a grifting ho-bag. Ted Cruz still wants to skull fuck her. Ick

Sarah Palin's 50th Birthday Is Tomorrow: Every teabagger in Teabagistan plus major GOP figures are falling ove...

Hugh Morris@Mirth_Quake18 mins
Tomorrow is Sarah Palin's 50th birthday. If we all chip in, we can replenish her supply of bullshit. She has to be running low by now.

DanNation@dannation50 mins
This clip made me vomit > Sarah Palin's 50th Birthday Is Tomorrow