Monday, February 10, 2014

As Clock Ticks Midnight In New York Honored To Be First To Wish Governor Palin Happiest Of Birthdays!

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On Your Special Day Governor please accept my sincerest congratulations and best wishes for the happiest of Birthdays and many many more. You have been, are and will be an inspiration.

The excitement, as Americans celebrate the 50th anniversary of the birth of one of its great patriots, Governor Sarah Palin, is almost palpable. Whilst no doubt celebrations will be centered on Wasilla Alaska, and her birthplace of Sandpoint Idaho, all across America, in towns large and small, a variety of events are in order on this joyful day.

Here's  LINK courtesy of the Nashville Tea Party;
"50 photos to celebrate Sarah Palin's 50th birthday"

Being mid-winter, celebratory bonfires and firework displays would seem a given as part of the festivities. But the various possibilities for events to mark this great day are limitless. It would be expected that showings of "The Undefeated" movie, would take place, perhaps at outdoor screenings. For intimate gatherings, video highlights of Governor Palin's career, with special attention of course to her immortal 2008 Vice-presidential nomination acceptance speech would seem appropriate.

Thanks to the reach of modern communications Governor Palin might broadcast a special message to the nation with, perhaps, her family gathered together with her. Such an address could add a momentarily sober note of consideration as to where America is and, to match the ensuing celebrations, where it might head under the spirit of renewal, faith and constancy that Governor Palin embodies.

The big question to be asked is-what will YOU be doing on this great day? There are a substantial number of Palin supporting Blogs and websites, which can be contacted, that might have some activities up that could be participated in around your area for example. Or this might be the ideal time to organize a meeting of friends and family to discuss how you can best celebrate this once in a lifetime occurrence.

There are a number of Palin imagery speciality outlets on line where badges and banners and t/shirts can be obtained which will add to the festive occasion. Decorating the outside of the house with a Palin theme would also add a special flavor to the day.

February 11 2014  marks a time for America to show its love to one of its favorite daughters, and to wish her every success and happiness for the next fifty years which, hopefully, will be shared by all for part of that time under the good governance of this great lady.