Thursday, February 6, 2014

All Palin News In One Place;Today;Kristol On Palin 2016/ Palin On Israel + Other Items


For some inexplicable reason the media/left Blogosphere went full on Palin Derangement Syndrome on Thursday. Included below are just some of the media attacks, further the usual mad "Trig Truther" sites were also spewing their hate to add to the junk-pile.

What Palin done to bring on this mad eruption? As far as I can see she was in Alaska supporting her husband Todd's perpetrations for the Iron Dog race (which supports breast cancer research) and supporting a friends race in the Iditarod. Part of this will be in her upcoming Sportsman show. She published a Facebook post attacking the administrations policy on Israel, which is nothing new, and certainly hardly worth such an outpouring of venom.

So, once again we have the spectacle of a lady in far off Alaska who hasn't held any office for five years and who posts on Facebook being the target of a massive outpouring of hate, bias and distortion from the left-who at the same time insist she is "irrelevant, a "joke" only in it for fame and the money and has no future.

It is all so very very weird and sad and a terrible reflection on the state of the leftist dominated media. On the other hand it shows the latent power that Palin has and the very real and obvious fear she uncovers from the left.

The Helena Vigilante's "progressive' columnist bemoans president Obama's adoption of Governor Palin's energy policy;'While Obama’s war with the Republicans goes on unabated, the president’s address left many of his former supporters scratching their heads as well. Watching him laud Sarah Palin’s “all of the above” energy strategy, which he foolishly adopted, as a huge “success” 

Newsbusters has an article up with yet another example of Palin Derangement Syndrome (this time in extremis)

Cheap Shot: ABC Gratuitously Compares Sarah Palin to Violent Kids's Coaches
ABC's David Wright is obsessed with Sarah Palin. The Nightline correspondent on Wednesday gratuitously attacked the former vice presidential candidate in a segment that has nothing to do with politics. Wright investigated angry, violent coaches of youth sports.

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Breitbart also covers it;




Mediaite  AT THIS LINK has (with video of back and forth argument with Chuck Todd)

Kristol Loses It over Chuck Todd’s Suggestion Palin Might Run for President for the Money"


Politico puts up Governor Palin's Facebook post that attacks the administrations dealing with Israel
which is of course the reddest of red meat to its juvenile 'commentators". This is a valuable service as it shows the level of Palin Derangement Syndrome amongst the left blogosphere and the sickness in society and it clearly shows who is the adult in the discourse AT THIS LINK

Sarah Palin: White House ‘junior high diplomacy’


Governor Palin celebrates the February birth of great Americans on her Facebook page including President Reagan but left out the February birth of a perhaps unique American-which lack I took care of in the comment section AT THIS LINK   And of course this great, unique American; 5 days to go! USA Prepares For Joyous 50th Anniversary Gov.Sarah Palin's Birth:Celebrations Feb 11th

There is also a tribute to Arizona Rep Paul Gosar and a post about Todd Palin's upcoming  Iron Dog race with photo
"How Sarah Palin Helps Chris Christie"
Jonathan Bernstein at Bloomberg has a snarky,sarcastic hit piece on Governor Palin disguised as serious commentary on the plight of Governor Christie AT THIS LINK
Again, such blatant propaganda is useful to show who the adult in the room is and the obvious media hate against Palin.
I've updated Conservatives4Palin's Steve Flesher's article on the implications of a Palin run for Senator from Alaska in light of the PPP Polling data which showed her effectively tied with sitting Senator Begich

UPDATED:Steve Flesher; "How Senator Palin Could 'Rehabilitate' the GOP"

Palin by omission! Mother Jones sees Paul Ryan as the 2016 nominee, runs through a list of pother possibilities and leaves out Palin  AT THIS LINK

And Mitt Romney sees Governor Susana Martinez and all these as 2016 possibilities and of course leaves out the person he didn't even invite to the 2012 convention (how did that work out/)
“Right now, we've got a very full group of people — Marco Rubio; Jeb Bush; Chris Christie; Rand Paul; Paul Ryan, of course, my running mate, an extraordinary man; John Kasich, governor of Ohio, doing a great job there; Scott Walker in Wisconsin,” he said on CNN.

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