Tuesday, January 28, 2014

"The Real Reason Sarah Palin Defended John McCain"; Mark Whittington

From the indomitable Mark Whittington; (reproduced at C4p)

The Real Reason Sarah Palin Defended John McCain

Mark Whittington, Yahoo Contributor Network Jan 28, 2014

COMMENTARY | Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz. was recently censored by Arizona Republicans for being too much of a RINO and a generally irascible fellow. Sarah Palin has taken to her Facebook pageto rally to the venerable war hero's defense.

"I consider Senator John McCain an American hero and a friend. He fights to remind our President that the federal government's first priority must be strong defense of our homeland, and, like Congressman Johnson, he fights against big-spending colleagues who don't prioritize for our military's needs. Upon the Senator's shoulders he's carried part of our message of opposition to today's "fundamental transformation" of America directly to the problem: President Obama and Harry Reid's far left agenda.

"I appreciate Senator McCain's steadfastness in demanding truth in the White House's Benghazi cover-up. Because of his persistence we WILL get that truth, and then more eyes will be open to see how dangerous an Obama-led retreating America is in this volatile world."

But then Palin ever so gently gave her former running mate the back of her hand.
"It goes without saying we don't all agree on all political issues. For instance, I shall keep pushing to open ANWR, I oppose letting illegal aliens cut in line and receive American benefits via "immigration reform," and I oppose any Congressional action that allows President Obama to incur more U.S. debt."

The real reason, the unstated reason, Palin is defending McCain is due to the one great decision the long term senator made, which was to select the then governor of Alaska to be his vice presidential running mate in 2008. Almost every other part of the McCain campaign, including its treatment of its rock star running mate, was a disaster. But the elevation of Palin to national prominence has had long lasting effects on American politics. Some of those effects have not been to the senator's liking, such as the election of Ted Cruz to the senate thanks, in part, to Palin's efforts.

If McCain had chosen someone else, it is likely that Palin would be nearing the end of her second term as governor of Alaska, perhaps thinking of retiring to her beloved Wasilla, obscure but popular among Alaskans. But in the world we live in she is the most powerful female politician on the planet, hated by many, beloved by many more, a force of nature who will shake the Earth for quite some time to come. We have John McCain to thank for that.