Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Post From:TownHall: "Gov. Palin is Right. Outdoor Activities Empower Women"

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“In a time where female empowerment is exuded by championing so-called “reproductive rights” and support for cradle-to-grave government, being self-reliant is the contrarian thing to do,” TownHall’s Gabriella Hoffman wrote. She agrees with Gov. Palin’s call to young women spend more time outdoors and less time taking selfies.
But, many women are – well – contrarian. “Much to the dismay of the female establishment, more women are taking up fishing, hunting, and shooting,” Hoffman continued. Many of these women are prominently featured on social media. Girls with Guns caters to female gun owners and their products were featured on Sarah Palin’s Alaska. Heather LacroixFate of Destinee, and Miss Battleborn are well-known female shooters on YouTube. The Facebook Page Women Hunting Alaska began with a book by the same name. The page features women and their animals harvested.
Hoffman said the Recreational Boating & Fishing Foundation reported that 47 million people went fishing in 2012 versus 46.2 million in the prior year. Some 41% of the 870,000 new anglers were women.
Hoffman wrote the number of women hunting “surged by 25% between 2006 and 2011.” Gun ownership empowers women and provide a more positive self-image, according to a February 2013 Girls Guide to Guns article that Hoffman cited.
Hoffman said time outdoors puts one’s mind at ease. It builds independence, patience and self-reliance, bolsters femininity, is useful, and enjoyable. A gun is an equalizer and provides women a means of protection from attacks.
She concluded by echoing Gov. Palin’s call. “Ladies, take fewer selfies and spend more time outdoors this year.”
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