Friday, January 24, 2014

Only One Antidote To the Dem's "GOP War On Women" Shtick; Palin; The Woman Dem's Made War On

The left have returned, as a dog does to its vomit, their "The Republicans declare "war on women" shtick as their, possibly only, way of staving off a yet another drubbing in the upcoming mid-term elections.

Using the tried and true Alinksyite tactics of turning a defeat into a victory they are running the "poor little victimized Wendy Davis" hypocrisy and now are distorting LINK Mike Huckabee's words LINK to get their 'war on women' routine into overdrive.

But, make no mistake, with the Goebbel's tactic of  "a lie repeated  over and over becomes the truth" supported by a complaint,enabling media, this nonsense might well make an impact. 

The GOP is aware of that of course, an indication of which LINK is their choice of a relatively unknown woman, Cathy McMorris Rogers, to give the Republican's rebuttal to President Obama's state of the union address.

But that will hardly make a dent in the lefts propaganda machine which will roll on long after Mrs.Rodgers speech is forgotten. But the propaganda machine comes hard up against the stone wall of the immediate riposte
"What about what you did to Sarah Palin"? LINK  and LINK

Truth be told the GOP is indebted to Wendy Davis for destroying the lefts argument, and in the end, their campaign of hate against an individual, Palin has cost them a campaign against the entire GOP-schadenfreude at its sweetest.

The names of Republican senate candidates who went down to defeat because f the perceived "anti-women" remarks e.g. Todd Akin and Richard Mourdock LINK and  thefundamentalist Congressman LINK who sees women as "subservient but equal" will be remorselessly presented as typical members of the "war on women army" as somehow representative of the entire GOP. That they are not is of course besides the point for the left, it is the headline that matters.

the answer to this could involve a long campaign of rebuttal, but the GOP is behind the eight ball in that respect because of the overwhelming preponderance of the media support for the left, the shrill voices of the feminista army and of course the Democratic party machine. 

This has to be undertaken of course, allied ot presenting the women of the part, like Mrs.Rogers, and so many others, e.g. Ayotte. Hayley, Love for instance in a prominent light but it is a long and expensive process.

The simplest way to stop the left in its tracks is to have Governor Palin lead the charge, in fact lead it as declared candidate for president for 2016. Governor Palin's life story is of course well known, her pro-life views are clear, she has her son Trig as living proof of that of course. She is perceived as a social moderate and led the fight against Akin being the senate candidate, and was the first to condemn him for his words.

To attack a GOP led by Palin as somehow a "war on women" organization would be ludicrous. Further, Palin is the one person the GOP can turn around the whole argument, highlighting the left's hypocrisy, by pointing out the five years of terrible abuse, lies and madness that have been slung at Palin by the left including the insane charge that Trig was not her own son. 

The "war on women" lie if repeated often enough might be a powerful weapon for the Democrats which Palin could stop in its tracks, if the GOP was not so stupid as it was in 2012 when they didn't use her talents.

If the GOP wants to seal the deal, not only  in blunting the propaganda tactic but, in my opinion, going on to win the 2016 election they could and should have an all woman team-Palin and  as I set out in my earlier
article "Governor Susana Martinez On The ticket (With Palin) the GOP's Best Hope For 2016"