Monday, January 27, 2014

From Mad Leftists That Became “Trig Truthers” We Introduce Wendy Davis Fans;” Wheelchair Truthers”

From Mad Leftists That Became “Trig Truthers” We Introduce Wendy Davis Fans;” Wheelchair Truthers”
Even if this turns out to be a con it is something that it is entirely believable to exist because of the huge numbers of "Trig Truthers" who still infest the media.

Proving that there is no madness that the bonkers, stark raving loony (and also cynically enabling
Alinskyites) left won’t stoop and subscribe to; ladies and gentlemen we give you the “Wheelchair Truthers.”

I wouldn't doubt for a second that amongst the ranks of Wendy Davis fans who subscribe to the...yes this will seem beyond mad...theory that her probable opponent for the Texas Governorship Greg Abbot has been faking, since 1984, that he is a paraplegic confined to a wheelchair, will be found “Trig Truthers.”

Trig Truthers sprang into existence (from the deepest hell of the human psyche) during the early part of the 2008 Sarah Palin for Vice-president campaign. This mad theory was that Governor Palin faked the birth of her son Trig. Why? It appears, in the warped leftist minds, that Governor Palin wanted to cover up that her Daughter Bristol was the actual mother and the father was, variously, her husband Todd, or her supposed  mystery lover.

This then developed, at the site for such mad people “Immoral Minority” into the theme that there were not just one Trig, but a number of them which Palin trotted out for various nefarious reasons and then buried under concrete slabs and such like-as I said, absolutely mad. 

These folk still hold to these notions at that site, and a number of others entirely dedicated to proving Palin wore a fake pregnancy suit and suchlike. The Alinskeyite faction came  into play as the idea had its origins at the “progressive” leftist site Daily Kos at the absolute height of the lefts fears that Palin had propelled McCain into the lead over their hero Obama. Blogger Andrew Sullivan also continued on with variations and suspicions.

They haven't given up, far from it, but now face serious competition or divided time between obsessions with this new mania. It could be said that these nuts, and her team members caught on secret camera belittling Abbot, are not directly Davis' fault. But on the other hand it is clear that who she, her prevarications which were exposed last week and what she stands for quite naturally attracts these sort of people. 

The apples don’t fall far from the tree.

From Twitchy LINK;

"Conspiracy alert: Greg Abbott ‘wheelchair truthers’ actually exist"