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"Governor Palin Makes Gallup’s ‘Most Admired’ List for Seventh Consecutive Year"

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Governor Palin Makes Gallup’s ‘Most Admired’ List for Seventh Consecutive Year

How liberal does a poll have to be where the majority of Republicans (or Republican-leaning) respondents pick Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton as their "most admired" man and woman of 2014?
And how exceptional do conservatives have to be to make the cut at all?
I am talking about Gallup’s annual "most admired" list.  Not only is it interesting to note that Governor Palin has made the cut this year, but it’s fascinating when you consider that most of the candidates being considered for president on the GOP side including people like Jeb Bush, Mitt Romney, Chris Christie, or others aren’t shown on the list at all.
Further, the Democrats’ new up-and-coming rock star, Elizabeth Warren made it to the list but didn’t do as well as Governor Palin did.
Here is a list of past year compilations showing that Governor Palin has been on the list every year since 2008. (h/t Whitney Pitcher)

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(American Thinker Journal) American Achiever Of The Year 2014-Sarah Palin

UPDATE;The Examiner covers this article with :"American Thinker proves why Sarah Palin is the most powerful female politician"

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It would be the height of churlishness, surely, for even the most inveterate leftist to deny the import of someone who made Time Magazines "100 Most Influential People list, and then The Smithsonian Institute's "100 Most Significant Americans Of All Time" list. That, no doubt through gritted teeth, affirmation would be related to Former Alaska Governor and Vice-Presidential candidate Sarah Palin.

To then  accept Governor Palin as "American Achiever of the Year 2014" would be for most, if not all on the left. and many in the MSM (and to be fair to many in the GOP) would no doubt be a bridge too far. However, such partisanship should not stand the way of  a general acknowledgement of what was a remarkable year for Palin.

Palin achieved what such luminaries as President Obama did not, a place in the Smithsonian's prestigious "Most Significant" List. After being written off by many in the media, and especially the left, as "irrelevant" and, predicted by MSNBC's Krystal Ball as "not going to have an effect on the (2014) mid-terms" Palin's record of success of her endorsed candidates was nothing short of phenomenal.

Governor Palin endorsed 22 candidates for various offices during the mid-terms finals including Senators, Governors, Lt.Governors, Congresspeople and Attorney's General. Of those so endorsed an incredible 20 were elected-contrasted with for example Hillary Clinton's record of 8 wins out 24 endorsed candidates.

Beyond the success of her endorsed candidates lies a much deeper reason for Palin being seen as "Achiever of the Year"-the fact that Palin endorsed in their respective primaries who then went on to win the general election battles. 

As in the past with,among others, Senators Ted Cruz, Kelly Ayotte and Deb Fischer and Governor Nikki Haley who owe their elections in their primary campaigns to Palin's endorsement at a critical juncture, so too could new senators Ben Sasse and Joni Ernst, and new Alaska Governor Bill Walker  (and remarkably, his Democrat Lt. Governor Byron Mallott) be considered to owe all or a substantial part of their nominations/elections to Palin's endorsement. 

For all her detractors cries of "irrelevance" and "she's just a reality show entertainer" ( those two being among the nicer epithets the left tosses at her Palin goes on, election cycle after election cycle populating Congress with her endorsed candidates in a cost-effective manner, and in such numbers, that the likes of Karl Rove with his 1% success result can surely only view with hidden admiration if not downright envy.

Apart from Palin's successes on the political front she also had solid achievements in her media career.

Palin launched  "Palin TV" (The Sarah Palin Channel) as a pay for view subscription service in July. The launch was ridiculed by Washington Post's Dana Milbank who advised that "This comedy channel won't last as long as even Palin's Alaska series." 

As with often the case with MSM ridicule it comes back to haunt the purveyor of such arrogance-Palin TV has currently lasted three times as long as her Alaska TV series run. Palin's second series of "Amazing America" which first season The Sportsman Channel spokesman said has done outstandingly well has finished production and will air mid-January

In what is perhaps the most interesting aspect of Palin year of achievement is one that has been achieved not through any current overt acts by her but rather the march of history lifting her to new heights. 

In instance after instance where Palin was ridiculed for a straightforward statement e.g. "death panels" or the true history of Paul Revere her most strident critics have agreed, in whole or part, with her views,but 2014 saw the most impressive of this historical revisionism.

After Russian President Putin invaded the Ukraine and annexed the Crimea video surfaced of Governor Palin's 2008 speech where she predicted exactly that occurrence should then presidential candidate Barack Obama be elected.Palin sounded a deserved note of triumphalism in March:

"Yes, I could see this one from Alaska," Palin posted on Facebook, saying she said "told-ya-so" in the case of her "accurate prediction being derided as 'an extremely far-fetched scenario' by the 'high-brow' Foreign Policy magazine. 

"Here’s what this 'stupid' 'insipid woman' predicted back in 2008," Palin said. "After the Russian Army invaded the nation of Georgia, Senator Obama's reaction was one of indecision and moral equivalence, the kind of response that would only encourage Russia's Putin to invade Ukraine next."
Palin's post has been shared by more than 16,000 Facebook users and "liked" by more than 70,000."

Not only for her achievements, the wheel of history turning in her favor, but also for her survival skills against all the odds and a ferocious media to where, at years end her personal "7 key policies"  are being presented as an adjunct to her possibly being a presidential candidate in 2016, Governor Palin is deservedly the "American Achiever of The Year 2014"

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"Newsmax" Considers Palin For President 2016

From Conservative's4Palin; Also read in conjunction with the Newsmax article:

Governor Palin Enunciates Fourteen "We Believe" Core Conservative Positions (Also With Spanish Translation)


December 26th, 2014 • iizthatiiz

Newsmax is thinking out loud on Governor Sarah Palin as a potential 2016 candidate.
Sarah Palin is considered a 2016 GOP presidential hopeful but she has not indicated whether she intends to run.
The former Alaska govenor is championed by the Tea Party and many Republicans for her solid conservative values, strength of character, and straightforward, folksy style of communication.
As the Republican choice for vice president in 2008, Palin brought a breath of fresh air and energy to John McCain’s rather plodding campaign. After McCain’s election loss, Palin continued to motivate conservatives across the country with her strong rhetoric for fiscal sanity, smaller government, and criticisms of President Obama.
In an article published today, Newsmax reviewed Palin’s position on seven issues:
  1. Fiscal Conservative
  2. Illegal Immigration
  3. Energy
  4. Healthcare
  5. Abortion
  6. Gay Marriage
  7. Second Amendment
While many are speculating on the 2016 Republican field, Newsmax is one of the first major media sites to advance Governor Palin as a possible contender for the nomination.
Read the full article on the Newsmax site.

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Full Article/Video Link"Sportsman Channel’s “Amazing America with Sarah Palin” Premieres Second Season on January 15 at 9 p.m. ET/PT

Alaska Dispatch has triailer and full article Video: Palin's 'Amazing America' returns, redder, whiter and bluer"

Sportsman Channel’s “Amazing America with Sarah Palin” From Gilmer Mirror (Texas)

Sportsman Channel’s “Amazing America with Sarah Palin”
Premieres Second Season on January 15 at 9 p.m. ET/PT

Legendary Musician Ted Nugent Guest Stars in Third Episode

NEW BERLIN, WI (December 18, 2014)– Season Two ofSportsman Channel’soriginal seriesAmazing America with Sarah Palin,produced by Pilgrim Studios, premieres onJanuary 15 at 9 p.m. ET/PT.In 12 new episodes, the “First Lady of the Outdoors” takes viewers across the United States to share inspiring stories of outdoor enthusiasts/personalities, craftsmen, and other notable Americans who go out of their way to help others.

For a look at this season’s video promoclick here.

Ted Nugent, legendary rocker, “Motor City Madman,” outspoken advocate of the Constitution’s First and Second Amendments and host of Outdoor Channel’sTed Nugent Spirit of the Wildjoins former vice presidential candidate and Alaska GovernorSarah Palinfor the January 29 episode.

“Ted Nugent is not only a rock-n-roll icon, but a true American outdoorsman who practices what he preaches,” saidPalin. “His outspoken candor regarding America and our civil liberties is a breath of fresh air. I’m so excited he’s joining me for an episode this season.”

“Sarah Palin is a great American and a great friend to freedom lovers everywhere,” proclaimedNugent. “She will go down in history as a strong, courageous freedom fighter for‘We the People’ in this diabolical culture war. I am proud to stand with her.”

This season,Amazing Americawill visit the Warrior Games in Colorado Springs, featuring archery, shooting and wheelchair basketball competition for injured veterans; discuss “Operation Home,” a program that builds houses for veterans, with former Army infantryman andDancing with the StarswinnerJR Martinez; travel to Maine to learn training techniques from a Wilderness Rescue team; and go behind-the-scenes at the Bristol Motor Speedway and the city’s bomb squad, as well as many other adventures.

Palin has been a dynamic figure in the media since 2008, when she was nominated as Senator John McCain’s vice presidential running mate. She is a three-timeNew York Timesbest-selling author (Going Rogue, America By HeartandGood Tidings and Great Joy), has generated almost 100 million Google hits and has more than 5.5 million organic and engaged social media followers.Time Magazinehas named her as one of the “100 Most Influential People in the World” twice (2009 and 2010). Governor Palin has been married to four-time Iron Dog champion Todd Palin for 26 years. They reside in Wasilla, Alaska, and have five children and two grandchildren.

Nugent, a tireless constitutional rights advocate and award-winning host of Outdoor Channel’sTed Nugent Spirit of the Wild, is a proud member of the National Bowhunters Hall of Fame, and author of more than 40 publications, includingNew York Timesbest-sellers –Ted, White & Blue:  The Nugent Manifesto;God, Guns and Rock ‘n’ Roll;Kill It and GrillIt;BloodTrailsandBloodTrails II.

In addition to hostSarah Palin,season one co-hostJerry Carrollwill return for Season Two.Miss USA 2006 Tara Connerwill join Carroll this season as a co-host in the field.

In its first season,Amazing America with Sarah Palinhelped propelSportsman Channelto triple-digit growth among households and key male demographics. 

Amazing America with Sarah Palinis produced by Pilgrim Studios. Craig Piligian, Jake Shelton and Brett Boydstun are executive producers.

Sportsman Channel is dedicated to providing the most entertaining and informative hunting, shooting and fishing multimedia content while also promoting conservation and the tradition of the sportsman lifestyle.

About Pilgrim Studios: Craig Piligian’s Pilgrim Studios produces a wide variety of unscripted and scripted programming for television, including hit seriesFast N’ Loud,Misfit GarageandStreet Outlawsfor Discovery; Ghost Huntersfor Syfy; The Ultimate Fighter for FOX Sports 1; Down East Dickeringfor History; Orange County Choppers andSwamp Pawnfor CMT; Welcome to Sweetie Pie’sandRaising Whitley for OWN; David Tutera’s CELEBrations for WEtv; Wicked Tuna andWicked Tuna: North vs. Southfor National Geographic Channel;Amazing America with Sarah Palin, Camp StewandSaving Private K-9for Sportsman Channel;Bring It!for Lifetime; and the recently launchedSomebody’s Gotta Do Itwith Mike Rowe for CNN. The company also produced the breakout movieMegalodon: The Monster Shark Livesfor Discovery’s 2013 Shark Week, as well as the movieShark of Darkness: Wrath of Submarineand the specialMegalodon: The New Evidencefor the channel’s Shark Week 2014. In the scripted realm, Pilgrim has produced the pilotRecovery RoadABC Family. The company’s original movies for Lifetime include Amanda Knox: Murder On Trial In ItalyAbducted: The Carlina White Story, which earned a 2012 NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Writing In A Motion Picture; and the crime thriller Stalkers.

About Sportsman Channel: Launched in 2003, Sportsman Channel/Sportsman HD is a television and digital media company fully devoted to honoring a lifestyle that is celebrated by millions of Americans. A division of KSE Outdoor Group, Sportsman Channel delivers entertaining and informative programming that showcases outdoor adventure, hunting and fishing, and illustrates it through unique and authentic storytelling. Sportsman Channel embraces the attitude of “Red, Wild & Blue America” – where the American Spirit and Great Outdoors are celebrated in equal measure. Sportsman Channel reaches more than 36 million U.S. television households. Stay connected to Sportsman Channel online, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

To find Sportsman Channel in your areaclick here.

Read more:The Gilmer Mirror - Sportsman Channel s Amazing America with Sarah Palin

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Will Palin Address Falling Oil Prices And Global Financial Collapse Implications?

Is the reverse oil price shock the "Black Swan" financial moment that will doom Hillary 2016 and usher in Palin versus Warren?

"I am expecting that we will soon see Sarah Palin begin educating America on the next emerging crisis that is going to hit like a financial/geopolitical global tsunami in probably the next 6 months.
That crisis is going to emerge to a large degree in a subject area that she knows more about than any politician alive: Oil.
What is happening in oil at the present moment is quite complex with long lasting impacts that 99% of Americans find difficult to comprehend or see coming.
We are witnessing an historic drop in the price of oil. Most of us see it as a welcome relief at the gas pump. But there are more fundamental consequences to the global financial system and to the geopolitical balance of power in the world. And therefore to the U.S. economy and to U.S. national security.
These interconnections of oil and energy to the stability of the world economy and political stability and to our own economy, political stability and national security will shape the 2016 election cycle political discourse.
Linked here is a superb primer on the risks to us and to the world from falling oil prices. The 27 minute video lays out those risks in a way that most people can understand.
A key threat is the loss of income to oil exporting states. Those countries like Saudi Arabia, Russia, Venezuela, Iran, the UK, Norway and others rely on oil income to subsidize daily life in their domestic economies and more importantly from our perspective to invest in financial assets. Falling oil prices drains liquidity out of the global financial markets.
Another threat stems from the Financialization of Oil. Oil and more specifically the income stream anticipated to flow from oil production undergirds a mighty superstructure of DEBT used to facilitate production. Oil is the collateral of a highly leveraged speculative pyramid. That collateral is now impaired. It's worth less in the ground and in the pipelines and in the storage tanks. It is worth less in the future.
Impaired collateral should send shivers down your back. Think 2008 and the Sub-Prime debacle. The oil business is reprising the real estate business. Everybody thought real estate could go only one way--up. Similarly, everybody BET that oil was going only one way--up.
The consequences of a break in the RE market in 2007/2008 were monumental because the collateral of the trade got severely impaired in value setting up a cascade of adverse consequences in the derivative markets which led to Lehman Brothers and massive government intervention into the financial markets which continues to this day.
We have not yet begun to see the consequences of the impairment of the collateral that supports trillions of dollars of leveraged investments related to the production and distribution of oil. But those consequences are going to be GIGANTIC perhaps surpassing the Sub Prime crisis in order of magnitude.
It's about those credit derivatives based on $100 oil. With oil at $68 and some saying on its way to $50 the debt is de-collateralized and imperiled. Somebody is going to get burned here. Guess who?
What was it that Nancy Pelosi was raving about in her opposition to the Obama/Boehner CRonybus Act of 2014 yesterday afternoon? Oh yeah, the provision allowing the 4 Big Banks to walk away from their $300 Trillion Credit Derivative insurance business liabilities by shifting those liabilities to FDIC insured affiliated entities that firewall their "good" earning assets behind legal barriers that will withstand the claims of the holders of that insurance. And by the way creating an existential crisis for the FDIC and the rest of the banking system as a form of "collateral damage" (no pun intended). But no matter the 4 Too Big To Fail multinational gambling casinos will be out of harms way from the cascading effects on the world economy.
I believe Sarah Palin will begin shortly to walk us through these complexities and the implications for our country (especially the security aspects in a rapidly destablizing international political environment) brought upon us by this EVIL alliance between Big Business and Big Government.
We throw these terms Crony Capitalism and Permanent Political Class around a lot. But the impact of this relationship is about to hit the average American like an unstoppable tsunami.
I'm pretty sure Sarah Palin is fully aware of the economics and the geopolitical consequences for us. I expect a series of presentations in some format that will outline it all for us together with her proposals to mitigate the damage from it.
This discussion will drive the 2016 political dialogue of that I am in no doubt whatsoever. The LEADER who can lay these complex interrelated issues all out for the average American in simple to understand no BS language together with a path forward that makes sense will be the next POTUS of the United States.
This is right in Sarah Palin's wheelhouse."

The above commentary appeared anonymously at Conservatives4Palin and is reproduced with permission. At the same time the following commentary appeared at Yahoo Finance as the share market reacted violently to the oil price drop;

"Stocks Just Had Their Worst Week in Years

U.S. stocks sank, with the Dow Jones Industrial Average capping its biggest weekly drop in three years, as oil continued to slide and Chinese industrial data raised concern over a global economic slowdown

Twitchy Highlights My Tweet About Lib's Falling For "Daily Currant Palin Spoof's

Read the entire post at

"Epic fail in progress, cont.: More morons falling for a different fake Sarah Palin story on immigration"

Twitchy reported in November on a number of Tweeters who fell for a satirical news story in The Daily Currant on Sarah Palin wanting to deport illegal immigrants to Mexico on a boat, and it looks like it happened again.
A new fake story posted by the Currant alleges Palin thinks the solution to the immigration crisis lies in converting Mexicans to Christianity:

n excerpt from her made-up interview with Fox News’ Sean Hannity:
“Sean, you’re embarrassing yourself by saying that Mexicans worship Christ,” she responded. “Every time I see a Mexican praying they’re saying ‘Hey Zeus!’ I hate to break it to you, but Zeus is not a Christian god.”
And here is some of the anger directed at the former governor (and “dumbest human”) from folks not bright enough to figure out the story they’re reading isn’t real:

It’s really at the point where the funniest thing about the fake Daily Currant stories is reading the tweets from all the people who get fooled. Wise up!


From Steven K Bannon at BEITBART LINK


1. What do you think of Speaker Boehner having President Obama 'whip votes' from the White House in order to pass this bill?

It stinks to high heaven. Did arrogant politicians not get the memo that Obama’s agenda was decisively defeated in last month’s historic midterm landslide? Good Lord, America said loud and clear not just “no” but “hell no” to Obama’s failed policies. Americans who pay attention said absolutely no to Obama’s amnesty for illegal aliens. 
We also said no to the mother-of-all unfunded mandates, Obamacare, and voters believed promises that they would ratchet down the $18 trillion debt. Well, our bad for apathetically trusting politicians. No, on second thought, it’s not “our bad.” Some of us warned and worked hard to elect candidates who would buck the status quo. Many conscientious Americans did all they could to open the eyes of low-information voters. It was tough going up against Obama’s lapdogs in the media and the power liberals have to play their politics of personal destruction against commonsense conservatives. 
But really how out-of-touch do these politicians have to be to misunderstand our recent mandate to stop Barack Obama's fundamental transformation of the greatest nation on earth? 
2. Only 162 Republicans voted for this bill--a bill that will take decision making away from a Republican controlled Congress in 4 weeks--does that strike you as outrageous?
It’s baffling really. The Republican Leadership in the House just flipped American voters the bird by sidelining the new Congress we just elected. I want the names of all 162 yahoos who would squander the opportunity to respect the will of the people and get America on the right track. Please print their names so we can ask them, “What the heck are you thinking?!”
And thank you to the 67 House Republicans who did vote no. Let's remind everyone of their names also.
3. Do you believe that the 162 Republicans that voted for the bill will face a backlash by conservatives?
Hope so! I’ll do my part and I call upon every citizen to do their civic duty to save our country. It's easy; understand RINO season opens soon and don’t hold back. 
4. Do you believe that Speaker Boehner working with President Obama effectively tried to 'nullify' the sweeping Republican victory in the 2014 mid-terms?
That’s the result thus far, so yes. This is an example of the GOP establishment campaigning one way and then governing another. It’s quite nauseating. They promised they would do everything in their power to stop Obama’s executive amnesty – I heard their darn campaign speeches promising to do so! – and yet when they have the power to do so (power that we the voters just gave them) they tacitly endorse Obama’s failed agenda. They’re shining that boot that liberals have on the neck of our economy. They’re carrying Barack Obama’s water even more so than Nancy Pelosi if you can believe it. 
5. Do you think John Boehner should be re-elected Speaker of the House given his actions over the pass few days? 
Constitutional conservatives who understand government’s balance of power and the grave danger in Obama’s lawlessness, and those of us who want smart and principled leadership, should be perplexed and disappointed if stale leadership is re-elected, considering that the midterm election was all about “the status quo has got to go.” It’s time for new energy and steel-spined commitment to stop Obama’s bizarre behavior against this country! Surely there are more of us than not who know that our Founders’ memory, our vets, and our children deserve better that what we’re underneath today. Keep the faith that there are more of us than there are of them who think broken campaign promises and a broken government are just dandy. 

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