Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Towards 2016 With Sarah Palin:"Take Care Of Business First In 2014 "Virginia Gentleman" Advises

I posted an article on an extraordinary American who goes by the moniker of "Virginia Gentleman" which chronicled his health struggles, his political philosophy and, joyously, his meeting with Governor Sarah Palin.
His inspiration story can be read  HERE;  "Heart Condition,Wheelchair Can't Stop "Virginia Gentleman"Meet Sarah Palin. Story Of Humanity,Courage Christian Heart"

Subsequent to VG's (as he is called by one and all) meeting questions were raised with him as to his thoughts or impressions regarding the possibility of Governor Palin running for president in 2016-a popular topic at the "Conservatives4Palin" where VG does much of his commenting. I reproduce his personal opinion, not only as an adjunct to the previous article about him and as a further showing of the measure of the man but also because I agree with it implicitly.

In my opinion those who don't have the benefit of VG's wisdom by not being acquainted with C4P would be well served to contemplate his thoughts on the matter. Not all will agree of course but most certainly there is food for thought.


"As for Sarah Palin running for the presidency my friends, at the moment she is enjoying doing what she is doing now, travelling the nation on her book tour and meeting folks. She thrives on it and it shows.

Many of you have had the opportunity to look deep into her eyes, just as the Boss and I did yesterday. She is quite direct with her gaze and looks just as deeply into YOUR eyes. She does not mislead you. What she says IS what she means. And 2016 IS NOT a primary concern of hers, RIGHT NOW. Keep that RIGHT NOW in your thoughts.

I think it is fair to remind you that she is totally focused in on the 2014 mid-terms for the time being. A campaign for 2016 is not discussed at all. At best, she will smilingly dismiss such talk. Ken and Cudaforever told me something yesterday that I had not remembered. Her FAMILY did not know that she had accepted McCain's invitation to join him as his VP! Talk about keeping your cards close to your chest!
Think about it, if she can keep Todd and her family in the dark about her political plans................!!!!

Let us first deliver to her a conservative based Congress, both the senate and house. She will need them in order to get her restoration agenda through. There will be no chance at restoration with the fools presently in office lining their pockets with the taxpayers gold. She knows this. She is a very calculating politician in my opinion, and most certainly IS NOT a damn fool. Why spend a fortune of her supporters money just to run headlong into a brick wall (Congress) that will attempt to stall every measure and issue that she, and we, hold dear?

After looking deeply into her eyes, I take her at her word. She is straightforward and honest. Her love of God and people shines out from those eyes. She is not running for office.......... NOW.
But as for 2016? She WILL let us know when she deems that the time is right. Let's change the make up of our corrupt congress first, if we want her to consider being our president. Let's do this the same way she does, one step at a time. Fair enough?

PLEASE don't say that you are WAITING for Sarah Palin to lead you! She already is! With her message of Constitutional Restoration, her actions, her openness and her EXAMPLE!
Not only is it our turn to act in our own behalf, it is OUR Constitutional duty to reclaim what is ours."

As a postscript I will just add that the concept of a president Palin having a supportive congress is absolutely on the mark. We have seen with the example, thankfully in this case, of president Obama being stymied by his loss of hios House majority and for Palin to do what needs to be done she woudl need legislative support. That is why her concentrating on the 2014 elections is so vital.

Let Christie and Rubio and, yes, senator Cruz, go up and down in the polls before 2014 it doesn't matter a jot and is just media eyeball gathering for page view clicks. After 2014 Governor Palin can review the political scene and make her decision as to whether or not she wishes to run. Yes by all means the pressure from the rank and file for her run can be ratcheted up, and the need for a significant organization should be put in place as soon as possible but to press for that now would be otiose.

Those who criticized Governor Palin's decision to participate in a new television program as being somehow below her and and indication she has given up on the idea of running have it wrong. It is a source of income,will keep her name in the media (which she understands is vital) and did Ronald Reagan no harm for exactly those reasons. No, "VG" has it exactly right-get 2014 done and dusted and the encourage Governor Palin with all polite intensity.