Sunday, December 15, 2013

My Reply After Being Challenged By A Liberal Sister Over Sandy Hook & My Palin Support

Hi Mike,
Today in America is one year since 26 innocent kids & teachers were murdered in an elementary school, in Newtown Connecticut,  yesterday, there was another school shooting.  It's becoming too common and of course, David's brother, murdered by a guy who easily bought a AK47 Rifle.
I wonder if that makes you re-consider your support for Sarah Palin , who is pro-guns.
Just a thought.

Thanks for being interested in my opinion. Your values on this do you credit.

To address your question. I support Governor Palin yes but that does not necessarily mean that on every issue and to a 100% degree I support her position. I support her concepts of a balanced budget, lower taxation, a conservative social and religious outlook and right to life ( the latter allowing for certain exception). I also believe in her sincerity, her valuing of the family and her honesty in what she says and does.

Not coming from the outdoors background-we are a NYC family! I don't have the same concern for guns as the sports persons groups she and millions like her represent. I can understand their concerns of course and also the concerns of those who see the danger of a government impinging on the rights of those who hunt and those who see government as a threat to individualism.

Like you I am concerned with the amount of gun fatalities and would support a proper balance between those who have the concerns that hunters and individualists have and those who see deaths caused by criminals. The example you raised of Sandy Hook is another dimension which has, perhaps, as much to do with concerns for the care, identification and treatment of those who are mentally disturbed.

You only have to look at the young man who shot those children, or have a cursory read of his background, to see that no gun legislation, except total banning, would have prevented the massacre. As it happens his mother had, legally, purchased the gun he used.

The same scenario of mental instability was the case in the 'Batman" Colorado cinema shooting and the Gabby Gifford's tragedy.

Given that there will never be a ban of the right to buy guns, it is a constitutional right which will never see a two thirds majority to have overturned, there has to be a reasoned and reasonable dialogue, free from the hyperbole of dogmatism which addresses the issues, including the mental health issues (which was the factor in David's brother's shooting) relating to guns, and also urban crime/gang/drug related gun violence in the Black community.

I would be confident that Governor Palin would share that point of view, but again, that is just one issue amongst many. In passing getting more conservative as one gets older is perfectly natural. 

Our Dad went from voting for a radical left-winger Henry Wallace for president in 1948, to voting for a radical conservative Ross Perot, but was still the same wonderful man throughout! I hope that as I continue on a similar trajectory (from voting for McGovern to Palin) I remain half the man he was.


**Name changed to protect me from getting hit round the head