Monday, December 9, 2013

MSM Throws In The Towel: Washington Post:"Why Sarah Palin is here to stay"

The Democrat establishment media is typified by The Washington Post which outlet has hardly been backwards in attacking Governor Palin over the years. However, even they have had to admit to the reality which has been apparent since 2008 that Palin not only has a following but a substantial one.
That she is a person of influence was only to be denied by the blinkered and the dogmatic (and the mad) as her effect on the 2010 and 2012 congressional elections was obvious "I would not be here today if not for Sarah Palin said Ted Cruz."

Given the 10,000 who turned out to see her at Liberty University, the huge line of people waiting for hours to get her new Christmas book and the departure of Martin Bashir the left has no choice but to throw in the towel and admit the Governor Palin is indeed "here to stay."

The cynics and critics will no doubt say that (as Abcarian in the Los Angeles Times has done already, that "Palin can't hurt lib's anymore" and she can be now disregarded as a political threat and left alone as a"personality' but that would be to dangerously underestimate Palin which so many have done to their ultimate detriment.

2013_Palin_Booksigning_IMG_0537-1-1024x901Photo Credit: (Billy Graham Evangelistic Association)

 from She The People Blogger, Mary C. Curtis:
CHARLOTTE – Merry Christmas spoken here.
That could have been the slogan at Sarah Palin’s book-signing on Friday at the Billy Graham Library. As she greeted admirers, surrounded by the lights, trees and decorations, her message came across loud and clear.
“She’s gorgeous,” someone said, after she appeared to loud applause from the crowd. And she was, dressed in black pants and a black patterned lace top – glasses on, hair up and pen ready.
Many of those waiting in line wore a pin that read “It’s OK to Wish Me a Merry Christmas,” carrying through the theme of Palin’s book “Good Tidings and Great Joy: Protecting the Heart of Christmas,” which sees the freedom to express the Christian values of the season under siege.
While those in both lines freely celebrate Christmas their way, many of them also find familiar solace in the message of Sarah Palin’s book, that this particular holiday – despite the fact it has survived a lot more than a chorus of “Season’s Greetings” — needs protecting.
You could say that Palin is preaching to the choir. But it’s one that is raising its voice, especially at this time of year. Frederick Jones was certainly happy to be there. After meeting Palin, the 73-year-old from Belmont, N.C., said, “She was great.” Jones, who said he admired that “she stands for Jesus Christ,” couldn’t stop smiling when he added, “I’d like to take her home in my suitcase if I had a chance.”

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