Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Heart Condition, Wheelchair Can't Stop "Virginia Gentleman" From Meeting Sarah Palin. A Story Of Humanity,Courage And The Christian Heart

There are many many dedicated Sarah Palin supporters who have followed her every move since well before John McCain chose her as his 2008 running mate. Perhaps the most dedicated are those who regularly comment on the well known ""Conservatives4Palin" site.

But even amongst those who are most dedicated one stands out, and he would be embarrassed to be so singled out such is his nature, and that is the person who comments under the title "Virginia Gentleman." LINK TO C4P
That he is so aptly nomenclatured is proven by his dignified and courtly manner of addressing people,and the ensuing admiration and respect he is so obviously held in.

"VG" as he is admiringly called is a senior citizen who has had major health problems, In fact a considerable amount of comments at the site are taken up with people asking about his health  and praying for him and for the administrations of his wife "the Boss" as he calls her for him. But something wonderful, straight out of a Dickensian-from challenge, to incredible happy reward through the loving care and ministrations of others-just happened and yes it involved VG and Governor Palin. 

This heart-warming, tear bringing, example of love and care and concern and support and the kindness and true personality of Sarah Palin is shown through VG's own words which I reproduce below with his kind allowance.This would not be to garner any publicity for him it would be,as he would be the first to agree I am certain to garner kudos to those who made this possible and to further reflect on Governor Palin's gracious Christian heart.

Firstly a little bit of VG's philosophy (edited for space but I trust with the gist apparent) to give a measure of the man. Then some alluding to his physical challenges, the marvelous care and love shown by those who took it upon themselves to arrange for VG and wife to see Governor Palin in person, and then the incredible first hand account of the meeting and VG's analysis of the future possibilities. What we see is the lie given, once again, to the distortions from the left about Governor Palin as we, through VG, also meet her and see the truth. 

Enjoy this wonderful story and if a tear appears-well we are only human.

The "Virginia Gentleman" meets Governor Palin story In his own Words

Government has made deep inroads into every aspect of our lives. The privacy to live ones own life as one sees fit seem to have become a dire threat, as viewed by the federal government. Privacy is vanishing at an alarming rate. How soon before it vanishes altogether?
In Congress there has been talk about re-introducing the heinous Sedition Act, where speaking out against the government or the president becomes a crime against the state. Is FREE SPEECH also in danger of vanishing from America?
Are we to sit idly by and allow this destruction of a Right guaranteed us by the Constitution?
What happens when you can no longer criticize your government and your ELECTED officers, under penalty of law? What happens when the RIGHT to own and bear arms has been denied to you by the men and women you have elected? The answer is quite simple. It means that Constitutional America is dead, replaced by a totalitarian regime.

THESE are the times we live in! We see the magnificent dream of our Founders withering away in front of our very eyes. We read daily of new laws, new incursions into our private lives.
Shipmates, we don't have to WAIT for totalitarianism to take over our government, it is already here! Ask yourself if YOU are as free today as you were just 15 years ago? Well...... ARE YOU!?!
Do you serve the government, or does it serve you? You already know the answer.

But here is the all important question that each of us MUST ask ourselves, and in the privacy of the one place that we as individuals still control, OUR MINDS! And the question? WHAT are YOU prepared to do about regaining your Constitution and Country? And, PLEASE don't say that you are WAITING for Sarah Palin to lead you! She already is! With her message of Constitutional Restoration, her actions, her openness and her EXAMPLE! Not only is it our turn to act in our own behalf, it is OUR Constitutional duty to reclaim what is ours.

I wish that my heart and my body were strong enough to withstand the rigors of a political campaign, 

Blowing out the entire left side of my heart put an end to those plans and damn nearly put an end to me. And 15 months after my surgery, my doctors still consider me as 'recovering'.
So instead, I write to provoke thought. I rage at the blatant destruction of our Constitution, and our uniquely American way of life. I ask for no quarter from, nor do I give quarter to, those who are raping America in their quests for ever more power and wealth. Business people or politicians, it makes no difference to me. Cronyism is a crime against the American people and the Republic which must be defeated!

We watched the mountains light up with the brilliance of the rising sun through the windshield as we got close to Roanoke. A beautiful and serene start to the day, a morning that needed to be enjoyed while it lasted.
In the far distance one could see the gathering and building clouds of the approaching winter storm, dark, angry, cold, brooding.
But I gotta tell ya, it was great morning to meet Sarah Palin! When we got to Barnes and Noble, there was a handicap parking spot right in front of the door. Since we were so close I tried to talk the Boss out of bringing the dang wheelchair with us. I was overruled. That turned out to be a good thing. (The store was warm, I was wearing a cable sweater, and the combination sorta drained the starch out of my collar!)
We meet P4A's lovely and petite RedBrightandBlue at the front door. She had a copy of the book and two wristbands for us. What a sweetheart! Thank you so much RED for all that you have done for the Boss and me! The lady had to stand in the rain to get those wristbands for us, we heard from another source!

Next a rather huge man, (and a former desert warrior, Iraq, with a chest even bigger then mine!), Ken, from O4P introduced himself, followed by our own Cudaforever. (Cuda is a very tall and distinguished looking man.) We went inside, got in line and waited about an hour for Sarah.
I was kind of restless and both Cudaforever and Ken would help me up out of that clingy damn wheelchair when I wanted to stand up. The Boss on the other hand kept trying to push me back down into it! Thankfully (for me!) both of them are MUCH stronger then the Boss! LOL!

Finally we meet with Sarah Palin. I have to tell you that she is one very dynamic woman. Charismatic, direct, confident and in control of her surroundings. And tiny! And for all of you guy's reading this missive, she really IS hot, Hot, HOT in person! And she will be at any age.
Chuck Jr. e-mailed me and told me to tell her that I am the Virginia Gentleman. She smiled, looked to her aides, introduced them to the Boss and me, and reminded them that I was the man Chuck told them about. She asked Jason Recher of SarahPAC to give me his card.

Now, private pictures were not allowed, so her photog took the pictures. Nor was there time to put Ases badge in her hand. The Roanoke Police Department was there in force, and it was not allowed! The Boss told her that she would be happy to campaign for Sarah should she run for the presidency and they both smiled at each other and shook hands.

So, I chimed in that I too would be proud to campaign for her.
She swiftly told me NO! She said that she wanted me to continue doing what I
am doing here at C4P instead.
We were told that there would be NO personal inscriptions, just Palin's autograph. Lot's of people, and very little time.
Somebody obviously forgot to tell that to Sarah Palin.

She asked the Boss what names she wanted her to write on the leaf. The Boss gave her our given names, not our monikers.
The truth be told, I'm rather thrilled that the Boss is smarter then I am.
Because on the leaf is our names, a huge Sarah Palin autograph, and a big "Thank You!", as well.
The Boss and I thank each and every one of you for helping to make this possible, and a big shout out to Michelle, Chuck Jr, Red, Ken and Cudaforever.

Thanks C4P folks! You are a great group of people and I am richly blessed to be able to call you my dear friends! I just wanted to say thank you to all of the wonderful folks that helped in getting us in to see Sarah Palin today. I found it to be a once in a life time experience . There is such a quiet calm strength about her that is encouraging. I was both honored and blessed to be there and then to think she knew who we were. Thank you is so trivial!
The Boss

Meeting Sarah Palin was fantastic. What you see on TV and in pictures is exactly what she is like in person. A very real and down to earth woman who genuinely loves to be around people. No phoney 'airs' or 'better then thou' attitudes from Palin, just a genuinely warm and friendly woman. One only needs a few minutes with her to realize that what her detractors say about her are, in fact, outright lies.

Today is Sunday, the day the Creator of all things made for rest. ( and I do a LOT of resting these days! lol!) I dozed off in my chair last night and at some point the Boss woke me up and chased me off to bed. I vaguely remember that.

Thank you for all of the wonderful replies yesterday! I apologize for not answering you personally, but I did go back this morning and 'liked' each of them. I now have a cramp in my right index finger! lol!
Not much to report on the Great Green Cathedral this morning. It looks as though someone has decorated the entire world in crystal! Beautiful to look at, but slippery to be outside in it. The Boss wouldn't allow me to go outside at all, not even on the deck, and not even in that damn wheelchair! You already know I hate needles. Now we can add the wheelchair to the list @ number 1a, because I don't know which one I despise more!

I admit to being a bit taken aback by Sarahs swift refusal of my offer to campaign on her behalf if she decides to mount a campaign for the presidency. However, as I have said to you before, the Boss is a lot smarter then I am, and so she explained that since Sarah has heard from Chuck Jr, then she is also aware of my heart condition, plus, standing up to greet her with the help of one of her security people was probably a dead give away as well. Plus, the Boss reminded me that I look like death warmed over most of the time anyway.

Thank you Cuda! It was wonderful to finally meet you, my friend!
And thank you for lending me your strength! As I said to Ken in my reply to him, without the assistance of you two fine gentlemen, I would have been stuck in that chair!

The Boss and I have been reading through today's thread and are stunned at the outpouring of love and support! (I wanted to type 'freaked out' instead of stunned but she said no!) 
I admit to being worn out by the driving and the long day. We stopped in Lynchburg on the way home and had a bite at one of our favorite restaurants. I promptly fell asleep in the booth after eating! So Embarrassing! Neither the Boss nor the restaurant staff would wake me up, so I dozed for a bit, woke up and we continued our trip home. With the Boss driving! lol! She wouldn't let me get back behind the wheel!

I believe that Ken and Cudaforever can attest that I am weak physically these days, so much so that they had to help me stand up from my wheelchair a couple of times. One of the security people helped me get up when we got close to Governor Palin. I despise being so weak these days. I despise it with a deep passion! Imagine going from warrior to wuss in the space of a heartbeat, a single heartbeat.
For those of you who keep asking how I am doing, there you have it, the state of my overall health. I'm slowly losing my fight. But I think most of you knew that.

That is why this day was so important and enjoyable for the Boss and me. These days out are getting fewer and farther between. I just don't have the energy or desire anymore.
But because of YOU I had a most WONDERFUL day! Because of you, your prayers, your phone calls, I got to really LIVE this day! As the Boss said  in her reply to you, THANK YOU seems so trivial when compared to what YOU, (you grand people!), have helped me to do today.
Please forgive me if I don't answer your replies right away. I am exhausted and I'm going to nap in my favorite chair for a bit. Now I just need to find my blanky! lol!