Wednesday, November 20, 2013

"The Objectification of Women:The Sarah Palin Story" Repeats the Tired Old Anti-Palin False Premises Whilst Rightly Attacking The Media

At "Talking Politics" there is a substantial (in volume-not erudition) post up:

"The Objectification of Women:The Sarah Palin Story"

I reproduce the first paragraph below which gives an idea of the entire post. Just this one paragraph sets out a litany of misconceptions and utterly wrong premises. The author seems to have compiled a list from the current anti-Palin ethos and crammed as many in as possible. There is gold amongst the dross as the obvious media bias, leftist hate and actually Palin Derangement Syndrome (PDS) is referred to which is always of value.

I set out an absolute correction and rebuttal to the hoary myths and misdirections below, and give links to the facts, which is always the best remedy

"Sarah Palin won’t go away. Despite having very little political or scholarly clout, Sarah Palin is still somehow a very prominent figure. After being a part of the losing 2008 Presidential ticket, Palin has not had any serious political involvement. Instead, she has given up her seat as Governor of Alaska, starred in her own reality TV show, made critical comments against President Obama, Chris Christie, and the Pope, and, most recently, written a book about Christmas. Since Palin does not hold political office or play a large role in any public sphere, the question of the day is this: why is she still around? The answer to that is simple: the media loves to cover her and the people love to hear about her. She has become an entertainment, even a joke. This leads to an even better question: how did she turn into a joke to so many people when originally people were very excited about her? The answer to this question is also simple: media and society are increasingly portraying women as sex objects and nothing more. Sexual objectification is the underlying reason why people stopped taking Sarah Palin seriously during the 2008 campaign and why they still do not take her seriously. This sexual objectification is also a contributing factor to the loss that the McCain/Palin ticket experienced in 2008."

Good for the author for pointing out the media's obsession with Gov.Palin not least of which is their obsession with the physical. I have reproduced a number of these academic studies which confirm this bias. However they repeat the proven false idea that Gov. Palin contributed to McCain's loss when the exact opposite, as determined by professional studies, is the case.

They do their premise no good by poor research, and further, one may surmise their conclusions were reached by absorbing the same negativity against Palin that they attempt to rebut.That the post comes from a school of journalism gives one pause for the future of the press.

This is further seen by their statement that "Palin has little political clout". How does that square up with the statement by now Senator Cruz that "I wouldn't' be here if not for Sarah Palin." That applies to Senator Deb Fischer and a host of other now office holders. This will be repeated in 2014. Again they swallow the "current wisdom" (sic).

They condemn Governor Palin for not being "scholarly". Since when is that a required prerequisite for success in office. We have a "scholarly" president who is sinking in the polls and whose main claim to fame "Obamacare" is a disaster. No doubt President Reagan would also fail their "scholarly" demand, but history will judge him favorably against President Obama I would hazard a guess.

The statement that Governor Palin "could have stayed on as Governor of Alaska" is also divorced from reality. Perhaps if the author had considered Palin's leaving office in, say, an example of themselves facing bankruptcy and half a million dollars in legal expenses whilst undergoing a campaign of vilification and idiocy by opposition and mad haters, they might have made a different judgement. But again, they fall victim to the same premises they condemn.

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