Tuesday, November 12, 2013

President Obama Reaches Worst Approval Rating 39.8, 55.9%/ Disapproval,Of Entire Presidency Today At RCP Poll Average Graph

On August 31st 2011 President Obama reached the nadir of his polling at the Real Clear Politics aggregate of major polls at 53.2% disapproval.The interactive graph above shows the exact date. Note the -12.7 massive gap which has been surpassed today at -16.1.The presidents 39.8% approval rating marks the new low for his entire term in office too date

Today marks the absolute nadir of his presidency based on such polling at 55.9% disapproval. The trend lines of recent polling would suggest further decline is inevitable and President G.W. Bush territory, at its worst, will be reached at a much earlier stage than President Bush's.

RCP Poll Averages