Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Let Us Not be Too Precious:Bill O'Reilly (& Howard Kurtz) Did A Fine Job Defending Gov.Palin Against Bashir & MSNBC Smears

Bill O'Reilly;has come under attack from some conservatives for his remarks;that Governor Palin won't come on his show "because she wants to give a speech-and won't mix it." He went on to say that that was her prerogative which he accepts.

That the other side of the coin, that some felt that Governor Palin won't come on, (if that is the case) because O'Reilly over-talks her, was well reinforced by poor Howard Kurtz, a vigorous attacker of Bashir for the filth he spewed against Palin, trying to get a word in edgewise.

But that was a small part of the overall message. O'Reilly rightly condemned the media in general and Bashir specifically for the vicious hate campaigns against Palin, and MSNBC in particular for their dreadful lack of standards (if not humanity).

Well done Howard and Bill (mainly well done for the latter)