Thursday, November 21, 2013

Gay Site Launches Attack On Governor Palin;Warning Bitchy High Heels Comment

One Neal Broverman at the (LINK) site has launched devastating attack

"Op-ed: Liberal Is the New F Word"

 on Governor Sarah Palin, and whilst he was at it included retired Pope Benedict,"right wing conservatives" and of course the ultimate in bete noir bete noir's (N.B. "bete noir is not a raaaacist term. N.B.B. to say something "is not racist"  e.g. debt slavery, doesn't mean it is racist) Tea Party supporters."

Here is a brief idea of Mr. Broverman's style:

"“Those fucking liberals are ruining this country!” That was the message my friend heard while flipping through Film Comment at the local newsstand recently. The vitriol originated from the salesman behind the counter in the midst of a "discussion" with a security guard. “These fucking liberal professors,” he said, referring to nearby UCLA, “are screwing these kids up!”

My friend swung to action, telling this jerk his political opinions don’t need to be yelled within earshot of customers, especially with obscenities attached to them."

One can presume Broverman is equally condemnatory of Gay icon Cher calling Governor Palin a C**t (one of a number of Gay icon's having done so actually) since inflammatory obscenities are an anathema to him-ditto Martin Bashir's grossly vile public opinion.

Governor Palin, whom he in a non-inflammatory manner calls an "airhead" is accused of hating on gays;"Sarah Palin certainly thinks liberals are on our side, which is part of the reason she hates them.". 
How Broverman comes to the conclusion that Palin "hates" liberals and by extension hates Gays whom all liberals (except Baldwin perhaps) love is not explained. The fact that she has a close relative, whom she loves who is a lesbian, also escapes him perhaps. Mr Broverman would be better served by referring to actual quotes to try and  prove his (unprovable) point rather than ridiculous inflammatory remarks.

Not only does Governor Palin appear to be anti-Gay in his post, but she pales into insignificance compared to retired Pope Benedict who hates every single one of them in the world-amazing. "Unlike his predecessor, who was gunning for every gay person in the world"

Sticking with the Popes, Broverman attacks Palin for  appearing to question, Pope Francis' liberalism (she actually questioned the media's filter of the Pope comments) and uses a bitchy image, which would do Martin Bashir justice for its inflammatory nature, to drive home his point "That stance is way too radical for the Nincompoop of the North; Palin stuck her high heel in her gaping mouth". He is also a mind-reader as he determines the hidden meaning behind Governor Palin's remarks are "she's saying the Pope doesn't go hard enough against reproductive rights and LGBT equality." a tour de force of inference.

But the best example of mind-reading is a classic-Palin feels the Pope should be defrocked in Broverman's clearly febrile imagination. Frankly he does his cause no good by such silly hyperbole which just reinforces every stereotype that the wiser of the gay community has worked for years to break down.

"I'll try to take solace in the fact that in 2013, Palin can't come out and say, "The pope should be defrocked because he's too soft on the queers." The world is too P.C. for her to say that now. At least, according to people like her who feel that way."