Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Buried In PPP Poll's Stat's-Palin Ahead Of Santorum/Jindal For President & Right Behind Rubio/Ryan

Buried amongst the statistics, and far from the headlines in the latest PPP Presidential Poll is this simple fact.


Governor Palin, not holding any office, with little media coverage and barely any speculation that she may run in 2016 is polling remarkably. Palin is ahead of Former Senator and high profile 2012 primary candidate Rick Santorum and Governor Jindal, and at 7% she is well within the margin of error, behind by only 2 points, of  Senator Marco Rubio and ex-VP candidate Paul Ryan.

The top three putative candidates Governor Christie Senator Cruz and former Governor Bush are hardly miles ahead with their 12-15% favouritism rankings. It would be stating the obvious that if Senator Cruz did not run that the majority of his support would go to Palin and she would be either at the top or very close to it.

The other key facts are that amongst the decided/not others
Palin + Cruz=21%

Thus the Ryan/Rubio/Jindal supporters at 23% hold the Tea Party vs Establishment (who would need at least 18%)balance

Governor Palin's ranking is actually an increase from the last time she was considered (which is rarely which fact in itself depresses her rankings) and bodes extremely well for her prospects should she make a major announcement that she was either seriously considering running, or was forming an exploratory committee. If she actually did run it would be foolish not to believe that her ranking would go much higher and she would be a serious contender.

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