Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Update: Governor Palin supports the Article:A Headline That Says It All;"Gov. Palin drew a blue-collar crowd consisting of all races in Fort Campbell, Kentucky."

Update: Governor Palin supports the program:



Governor Sarah Palin via Facebook

What a great article from Breitbart's Tony Lee here: 

It's back to the kitchen for me to prep for Thanksgiving dinner; which includes determined research on how to finally, for the first time, not make a pile of mess while carving the turkey. I watched this tutorial early this morning, will watch it repeatedly, and I invite your advice on proper bird carving:

In the meantime, enjoy some vintage Johnny Carson:

Have a great Thanksgiving Eve today, and I again thank you and truth-filled media outlets for being fair!

The redoubtable Tony Lee has this article up at Breitbart; here is the introduction-please read the entire post AT THIS LINK.

I want to add that this is one of my most favorite headlines as it shows the appeal of Governor Palin and where she draws her strength to carry on from in the face of seemingly overwhelming odds. 

These are the faces of "flyover country" so looked down upon by the liberal media and Republican Establishment. It also is an in your face reproof to those who cry racist at Palin for  no other reason than to express their own inner torment.

If Governor Palin decides to run for president it will be exactly these folk who will provide the impetus and support for her campaign as they recognize in her that she is one of their own. One who "doesn't say one thing in Scranton and another in San Francisco"

There is a video at the link which expresses better than I ever could the appeal of Governor Palin, to whom it appeals and the symbiotic mutual love and affection

"At a recent book tour stop for her best-selling book, Good Tidings and Great Joy: Protecting the Heart of Christmas, former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin drew a blue-collar crowd consisting of all races in Fort Campbell, Kentucky.

As can be seen in the video below, many who came to see Palin said they identified with her because she has a son in the military. Others said they loved her "values" and how she "stands by them." An active duty soldier said that Palin "speaks the truth" and is "straight-forward."

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