Thursday, October 24, 2013

Wonkette Bemoans Fact Nobody Cares-They Should Cherish Me As One Of The Last Paying Them Any Attention

Wonkette bemoans the fact that nobody cares:

"It has been a quiet week in our woebegone comments queue."

They, grasping at straws, put this down to their site "not being outrageous enough" which supposed deficit they advise they "will attend to." That their site is not "outrageous enough" is of course an utter nonsense. A quick scroll through the buffoonery, juvenilia and hate on offer, especially towards the beloved Governor Sarah Palin, soon cures one of any such error.

Why then such a dramatic drop off in interest from those who are the intended recipients of the sites barbs, harpoons and "snark"? There are a  number of reasons of course.

Firstly the sites writers (sic) are of a very poor standard. Apart from the occasional piece from the editor, one Rebecca Schoenkopf, the posts are usually a jumble of mixed up phrases written in third person gobbledygook or a faux intimate ramble with dips into the royal we inter-locution.

Secondly, the site is suffering the fate of all radical groups when their faction achieves power and holds it for a period of time, just long enough so they can't blame the preceding office holders for the various woes affecting the country. 

Wonkette can find personal peccadilloes and idiotic statements from the various stripes of Republican office holders and officials, but that is just tittle tattle and doesn't carry the same hate weight as attacking current administration office holders.

The simple basic facts are nobody really cares what the individuals in opposition do, except for the few times when a Ted Cruz gains the headlines. They care least of all about what a government supporting radical site has to say. There are bigger fish to fry for Republicans now that the Obama administration owns the economy and healthcare etc. etc.

Obviously the only salvation for the likes of Wonkette would be for the GOP to win in 2016-and it would be manna from heaven if a Cruz or a Palin assumed the presidency. What fun they would have, what a huge increase in readership, hate letters and opportunities for snark. It should be, as the bard put it "a consummation devoutly to be wished" and something the site should actively pursue.

In the meantime the site should be grateful for my attention, although heaven knows why I do such an otiose thing. The goodness of my heart, pity? Misplaced concern for the well-being of the editor who is, all things considered, not such a bad sort if one makes certain allowances? 

Who knows, but they should cherish me as one of the last people to give them any attention and be the recipient of my advice instead of launching yet another snark piece directed at me.