Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Palin Deranged Queen Malia Litman Falls For Daily Currant "Palin Said Jesus celebrated Easter" Spoof

UPDATE;Piers Morgan also falls for the obvious (to normal people) spoof .

The queen of Palin Derangement Syndrome, one Malia Litman" who has engaged in an endless Twitter campaign against Palin for years, has finally tripped over her own idiocy.

The spoof site "Daily Currant" ran a silly "article'  LINK claiming that Governor Palin said on Fox "Jesus celebrated Easter" which even a child could see was a silly satire. However Litman, so blinded by her Palin obsession, saw it as yet another opportunity to bash Palin and Tweeted:

Update: still won't let her stupidity re:Daily Currant Palin spoof go "It is a great find, but probably not true". Almost there though

Frankly, if it were me who had fallen for such an obvious silly post I would find the deepest hole and hide away in it forever, being ashamed to show up in public. The ridicule heading Litman's way is well deserved-will it stop her, unlikely, such an obsession is impervious to facts or ridicule. 

Will she somehow blame Palin for her own idiocy, probably. Should anyone ever take a blind bit of notice of her ramblings-no, but the like minded morons will. She doesn't have stupidity to herself of course-the other Palin deranged site "Immoral Minority" gives her a run for her money as per this example LINK

Well done Litman you've shown yourself for what you are.

Hall of Shame: Believed/referred to Daily Currant Palin Easter hoax; Piers Morgan Bruce Bartlett Malia Littman David Frum Right Said Fred

NB;As if it is actually needed here's Snopes on the matter: