Tuesday, October 15, 2013

New Jersey Senate Election;Governor Palin's Great Triumph

  • Here was Governor Palin on Facebook continuing her deep commitment,right to the last moments of the campaign, to supporting the Lonegan candidacy for senator from New Jersey.

    New Jersey, the eyes of America are on you tomorrow!

    Know anyone in NJ? Call them tonight and remind them to vote for conservative Steve Lonegan tomorrow.

    Don’t know anyone in NJ but still want to make calls? Click here to help out:

    Live in NJ? Remember to vote tomorrow! If we turn out, we win! The stakes are too high to stay at home. Click here for polling hours and locations:

    And for more reasons to support Steve Lonegan, please see this testifying video from Cory Booker's "neighbors": http://youtu.be/nycXW90H5zU

    Let’s make history. Let’s elect Steve Lonegan to the U.S. Senate tomorrow!

    To quote from C4P "There's no one in the State who has his back; he's just twisting in the wind in a very blue,blue State. Gov. Palin showed a lot of courage endorsing him. A typical weasel politician would have calculated the odds and stayed away. If he loses she will be blamed in the sense that the Rovians will try to say that it's an example of her being "irrelevant". 

    The truth is, it shows that she puts principle above self, principle above political odds. She's willing to use her influence even for someone who may be a long shot because with her it's about principle."

    Lonegan was a very long shot and Governor Palin knew she will be attacked, if he loses, as a "kiss of death" endorser (which is a lie of course given her outstanding record) but for her all that matters is that she does what she believes in.

    That is absolutely correct. Lonegan was, at one stage, 35 points behind the Dem's high flyer Cory Booker and it was noticeable that Governor Christie has given Lonegan the most perfunctory of support. It was at that Palin moment, at great political risk, gave not only her endorsement but flew all the way from Alaska to headline a mass rally.

    That there was such a huge turnout gave the lie to Palin's detractors who said she is irrelevant and only appears in public for money making speeches. Campaigning for a very long shot, who was written off by all the commentators, can be chalked up as one of Governor Palin's greatest triumphs-no matter the election result.

    What Palin has shown by her huge effort for Lonegan is that she puts her beliefs above any personal consideration whatsoever.There is no personal benefit, in the politcal sense, that can be ascribed to Palin's support of Lonegan. But the sense of gratitude from her supporters for the ongoing and in this case huge reinforcement of their belief in her ethics and selflessness is immense.

    Palin proves, yet again, that her brand of "country first' is almost unique. It is inspiring and she deserves all kudo's
    for being a beacon of hope and truth in a political desert.