Sunday, October 27, 2013

Headline I'd Never Thought I'd See;Daily Kos "Via Sarah Palin: How Obama's Idiotic ACA Might Lead to Real Healthcare Reform"

"Via Sarah Palin: How Obama's Idiotic ACA Might Lead to Real Healthcare Reform"

Yes, that is an actual headline at far left Daily Kos LINK from an article written by a far left high profile figure. As would be expected from such an article at such a place considerable internecine warfare and name calling erupts.

The article includes this:" Sarah Palin articulates this — hey, there are four words you don't usually see at the same time — in an October 20th blog post: and it ends with this, no it is not a piece from the Daily Currant " I never thought I'd say this, but: From Sarah Palin's lips to God's ears".

"And, I can't believe I am writing this;"No, Governor Palin, the truth behind the ACA mess is that Obama and his gang of golfing buddies are idiots."

Of course there are jabs at Governor Palin, how could there not be, but the general tenor is that Palin was right about President Obama's healthcare legislation being a disaster even if for, as the writer sees it, the wrong reasons. The bottom line, that President Obama's team are incompetents, is shared by Palin and the author Ted Rall.

Newsbusters has a chortling review by Noel Sheppard "Lib Cartoonist Ted Rall: 'Truth Behind ACA Mess Is Obama and His Gang of Golfing Buddies Are Idiots' which can be enjoyed 

"People familiar with liberal cartoonist and polemicist Ted Rall will be shocked by a piece he published at Daily Kos Friday wherein he actually agreed with former Alaska governor Sarah Palin.
Trust me, they'll likely be even more shocked with what he had to say about President Obama.
At the center of Rall's piece was Palin's October 20 article wherein she joined a number of conservative commentators in claiming ObamaCare was intentionallly screwed up in order to bring about the liberal dream of a single-payer system."
This article at Kos is just one of a number from centrist and leftists that have appeared across the media which begin " I cant' believe I am saying this but Sarah Palin was right" which trickle will become a flood as time passes and the scales drop from their eyes.