Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Woo Hoo-Cat Hernandez Gets Stuck into the Palin Haters; "HATING SARAH"

HATING SARAH From Wayne Dupree's "News Ninja  LINK

BY: Cat Hernandez

Why do you hate Sarah; because she represents everything the liberals told you that you couldn’t be?
You resent her because she is the strong, independent woman you never dreamt you could be.
She’s a beauty queen; you know one of those pretty types that all the boys chased in high school.
She’s a wife, of a faithful husband who lets her shine.
She’s a mother; the one who’s unconditional love brought her 5 children and no regrets.
She’s a fighter; against the elite media machine she took a pounding while Obama was being cradled.
When she was forced to step down as Governor and spare her state the expense of frivolous lawsuits you thought you defeated her, but like her daddy says ” she doesn’t retreat she reloads”.
So while you liberal chicks praise your Sandra Fluke and Hillary Clinton I’ll be in with Mama Bear ready to defend my family, my faith and my American dream!

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