Tuesday, September 10, 2013

UPDATED: Now CBS/Ukraine &Sobieski "Death Panels"+Mark Halperin:"Palin Was Right/I Agree With Palin."Daily Kos/Bill Maher/Christopher/ Roseanne Barr/Chomsky/Grayson/Dean/Carlson Etc.

UPDATED YET AGAIN (Some "stopped watch" which is all the left has to say now)

The Other McCain: Palin Vindicated on Russia, Ukraine: ‘I Could See This One From Alaska’

(IBD) Sarah Palin Was Right�More Dems Ditch Death Panels and sign up to repeal IPAB

Here are links to just some of the public figures who are, one by one, admitting Sarah Palin was right about a number of things. As time goes by, and the Obama administration proves, over and over, how incompetent they are, this trickle of admissions will become a flood. What a pity gross bias and partisanship didn't allow for this humility in 2008.

From Ace of Spades:"Now He Tells Us: Time's Mark Halperin Says Obamacare Does Indeed Contain "Death Panels," And That's Right There in the Black-and-White Letter of the Law" The death panels comments comes at 8:17.

Off all places ultra-"progressive" Daily Kos comes to its senses.

Headline I'd Never Thought I'd See;Daily Kos "Via Sarah Palin: How Obama's Idiotic ACA Might Lead to Real Healthcare Reform"

" I cant' believe I am saying this but Sarah Palin was right" 
Yes, that is an actual headline at far left Daily Kos LINK from an article written by a far left high profile figure. As would be expected from such an article at such a place considerable internecine warfare and name calling erupts.

My Full article AT THIS LINK

Paul Krugman LINK

Paul Krugman agrees with Sarah Palin on Death Panels

Bill Maher: LINK


“The weird thing about Syria is it has created so many strange bedfellows. I’m on the same page as Sarah Palin on this issue. That’s a very strange feeling. But I feel like I’m consistent about how I’ve always felt about how we should handle this part of the world. I think it would be a good thing if America put the world on notice that if you use these sort of weapons that are allowed, yes, we will (expletive) you up. But it is outweighed, in my opinion, by a greater need, which is the need to tamp down the inflammatory atmosphere in that part of the world.”

Sarah Palin is Right

by Tommy Christopher | 2:35 pm, September 23rd, 2013 MEDIAITE LINK

"This is not some sort of bait-and-switch where the Palin-hating liberal swoops in with a zinger, this is for real: Sarah Palin is actually right about something. Furthermore, she’s not just a little bit right, she doesn’t just have a point, the former Alaska Governor is absolutely, 100% right". 

Chris Matthews:  Sarah Palin is right about Syria"

Johnston: On Syria, agreeing with Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin hit the nail on the head when she said that neither side in this struggle for power in Syria are friends of the United States.

Read more: http://www.metrowestdailynews.com/opinion/x1155160755/Johnston-On-Syria-agreeing-with-Sarah-Palin#ixzz2eZHQANXs
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How Sarah Palin Is Right About Washington


Chomsky: Palin Was Right About Obama


well, I agree w a lot of what she has to say

Howard Dean: Sarah Palin was right about death panels! Yeaarrggh!

Cato Institute

Death Panels? Sarah Palin Was Right

Alaska Dispatch

Sarah Palin was right: Lamestream media needs a long look in the mirror

Craig Medred