Saturday, September 7, 2013

Palin Deranged Loonies At Play

From time to time I look at the DISQUS timelines from the various bonkers women (it is nearly always a crowd of catty women for obvious psychological reasons) who visit this site to look for ammunition to keep their obsessions festering.

That such people can spend so much of their lives digging into the minutiae of the Palin families doings is astonishing. That people can be so weird as to wish to look for negatives about people the don't personally know, who are not in office/running for office is beyond comprehension.

And it is all so repetitively tiresome. Ranging from fantasies about Palin's looks/botox/hair loss/wigs/skin. Her marriage/husband being a pimp (yes really-as if the media would not have jumped on anything remotely  nearing truth in respect of such nonsense) and of course the diadem in their skewed crown Palin's supposed faked pregnancy.

What is sadder than sad is their constant attacks on Palin supporters at Conservatives4Palin-even to the extent, as per this example, of attacking an elderly, seriously ill person. Palin's fans may sometimes be accused of over enthusiasm but it is a positive enthusiasm. T

These Palin haters-none of whom ever show what they look like whilst criticising Palin's looks (for obvious reasons) are churned up with bitter negative energy-what it does to their souls (metaphorically speaking as many are, obviously atheists) is beyond my ken.

They attack me from time to time with the nomenclature of 'horny old goat" and the like-as if I give a jot what they think of course. It is, again, beyond their ken to understand that someone might support Palin-ism regardless of whether or not Palin herself runs for office. 

I have made it very clear in numerous posts that the basic concepts of conservative economics are what I stand for and  why I support Palin as I consider she, or someone endorsed by her would provide an administration committed to lower taxes for economic growth. That, allied to a social safety net-not a net of dependency allied to states rights would be the best for the economy. 

Whether Palin herself or a conservative congress brings this about is of no matter. I also support the right to life concept but not to the degree of a 100% ban on abortion. The Obama concept of partial birth abortion on the other hand is an abomination and anyone who supports such a horror (like Gosnell) should watch a few of these and see if they still do (and if they can remain human).

With the world population in the billions it is understandable that if even one percent are bitter twisted mentally ill women there will always be Palin deranged around but one still can't help looking at them with astonishment that anyone would choose the path of hate