Thursday, September 19, 2013

"Hot Air" Reports Rubio's Poll Collapse Bush's Rise But Doesn't Get It;Palin-Bush 2016

AllahPundit at Hot Air  LINK has this headline up; "

New Hampshire poll: Rubio drops from 25% of GOP primary voters in April to … 7% now"

In respect of this poll result;

And they ask this question;"Do righties suspicious of Paul hate Christie so much that they’d consider Bush as a possible compromise candidate? I’m skeptical, but there’s a lot of Christie-hate out there."

Rubio is at this point, and rightly, done as a contender for 2016-amnesty was a bridge too far for rank and file conservatives in this post Establishment phase. Rand Paul is currently on the rise, and Christie is where one would expect him to be in New Hampshire polling and where he has been consistently in other polls for some time.

Jeb Bush has risen from 7% to 14% without any overt campaigning or substantial hint that he is running in 2016. His rise is considered by commentators to be partly because of Rubio's decline (Rubio's support having come from the center) and partly from centrists who can't support Paul ideologically and Christie because of his personality. The comment about "suspicious  of Paul" is what is the most important.

I, like many conservatives, applaud and admire Senator Paul for his activism and conservative stance on many issues. Governor Palin advised "I am on team Paul" in respect of his contretemps with Governor Christie for which support Senator Paul stated "what is there not to like about a Palin endorsement"? Clearly Rand Paul is on the side of the angels.

And long may he be so in the senate or whatever office he wishes to hold but as the 2016 presidential nominee-that is a different matter entirely. The Republicans must win in 2016 and preferably with a genuine social conservative as the nominee. 

Certainly Senator Paul is a sincere social conservative but for him to win the presidential election against the Obama/Clinton/Media machine would be too challenging. As an Hot Air commentator pointed out Paul would be the subject of a merciless attack campaign, which, in aid of Hillary, would be unprecedented in its ferocity. Satire, slander, attacks on his father Ron Paul's views and the setting out of Ron and Ran as "kooks and extremists is a given. 

How Paul would stand up to this baptism of fire is an unknown quantity and is not something the GOP needs to find out in the negative if that turned out to be the case.

2016 is the election of a lifetime. It will determine, through the selection of supreme court judges, gun laws, and social legislation including same sex marriage as a universal and partial birth abortions the norm It will decide whether the liberal revolution is cast in stone or a conservative renaissance can commence.

The 2016 ticket must unite the party 100% behind the team. An Establishment figure like Dole/McCain/Romney i.e. Christie or Bush for example as the presidential nominee is a recipe for another electoral college disaster. Conservatives will not hold their collective noses once again. 

For the Establishment/centrist wing to support a true conservative one of their own should be on the ticket. This is the "historic compromise" I wrote about previously. It is time for all factions to put aside their self-interest and differences and be in a "big tent" going forwards.

It would bring me no joy whatsoever to vote for Governor Christie as vice-president, but I would do it, and I would also vote for Governor Bush as VP (with a degree of enthusiasm especially as I would be confident he would bring in some Hispanic support) but I will not vote for Christie as the presidential nominee and for Bush only if Governor Palin chose to be the VP candidate or endorsed him from a convention she addressed.

The ball is very much in the Establishment's court as to whether or not the GOP wins in 2016. If they accept that it is time for a genuine conservative to head the ticket and support her or him and one of their own as VP wholeheartedly then even if Hillary is the Dem's nominee the GOP can, should and must win.

I advised that Ronald Reagan saw this compromise concept in his choices of Schweiker and Bush and commend his thoughts and actions to my conservative friends.

I also explored the necessity for Jeb Bush to be on the ticket (with either Senator Cruz or Paul if Palin chooses not to run) in this American Prospect article LINK for which I was roundly castigated by those on the right who can't see the need to compromise to win. President Goldwater and VP Miller should be a caution for them.

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