Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Anti-War Site Teeth Gritting Agreement With Gov. Palin On Syria (With Rarest of Objects a Pro-Palin Cartoon)

The anti-war groups, the radical left have succumbed to their principles, as hard as it has been and as grudgingly as they found it and have, in a number of instances, admitted Sarah palin is right about President Obama and specifically about Syria.

Here, from "Ranger Against war" LINK is the most teeth gritting of agreements with Governor Palin-but correct for all that.

Moral Double Standard

--You probably won't see RAW fronting words
from Sarah Palin again

Four months ago (3 May 2013) The Week Magazine quoted from the Russian press following the Boston Bombings, presaging the Syrian question:

(Moskovsky Komsomolets on the Beslan Chechen terrorist murders of 330+ school members): Maybe now the Americans will correct their "hidden belief that terrorists who strike them are bad, while terrorists who strike Russia are good."

Yet the Americans have a similarly skewed attitude about Syria, said Nzavisimaya Gazeta in an editorial. The Boston bombers are extremists Wahhabis. They share Jihadist fanaticism with some 3,000 Arab militants fighting with the Syrian opposition.  
The Americans say they are fighting al Qaida, and strongly condemn the terrorism of the Tsarnaev brothers, yet they send help to the Syrian rebels. That reveals a "moral double standard" that "continues to divide terrorists and extremists into friends and foes." Until we agree that all terrorists are the enemy of all states, we will never be able to wipe out this scourge.

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