Saturday, August 10, 2013

Video:Palin Attacks Christie Which Marks The End Of His Nomination Chances

Via Mediaite
Sarah Palin joined Eric Bolling on Fox News this morning to take a mini-victory lap over some Democrats suddenly embracing the idea she put forth years ago over health care “death panels.” Palin felt somewhat vindicated, but didn’t want to “condone them… for trying to jump off the Obama train wreck.” She told Bolling that rationing was in the health care law from the beginning, and the Democrats who didn’t notice it until now did not want to look like “buffoons.”
Palin also took the media to task for wasting an opportunity at President Obama‘s big press conference to grill him about his “phony scandals” remarks and get him to say which he considers phony. And because no one is calling him out on it, Palin said, “he acts like it’s no big darn deal.” She smacked down Obama’s talk of striking a balance between security and privacy, saying the government’s constant lies about surveillance show there really is no balance.
Bolling asked Palin where she stands in the Rand Paul-Chris Christie feud. Palin proudly declared her allegiance to Team Rand, hitting Christie for his “schtick” of “set-up situations” where he gets to be confrontational, someone records it and puts in on YouTube, and makes him look like a straight-talking conservative.
Watch the video above, via Fox News:
Simply put-if Palin is for you then you have an excellent chance of success e.g. Ted Cruz, Deb Fischer and numerous others.If she is against you, or luke warm then your chances of success are zero to next to zero-such is the strength of her following. The reason for this is Palin is clearly seen as "genuine" and thus any endorsed candidate is also genuine. On the other hand if Palin attacks or is lukewarm (e.g. Romney) then the person is seen as not meeting the standard of genuineness that Palin embodies and is not worth supporting.Goodbye Mr. Christie.