Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Dollar Post

Update: $1 received (actually $11 as a donation of $10 also received thanks to both  who saw the humor for their active support). This post is closed now.

I have $9.35 in my Paypal account from past donations (totalling about $30 in five years-this is not done for a living obviously-but that's not the point.) Paypal advise they won't release an amount under $10.00

If you find this site of interest please make a donation (the buttons are on the top of this page) of $1.00.

This post stays up until I get one dollar-so if you are interested in this vibrant commentary site that's what it will cost to resume normal service.

It's a matter of principle-I would rather the tiny amount be transferred rather than be part of a massive accumulation sitting in Paypal's account earning them huge interest income for nothing.


 MJ Sheppard