Thursday, July 4, 2013

RedState Adds To Palin Photoshop Misogyny By Inventing New "Fool Hearty" Word

 RedState was under massive attacks from Palin supporters not only for the article they ran criticizing Palin's third party concept but for the apparently Photoshoped, grossly sexist image they ran of her  to accompany it.

The post:
 "Palin’s Third-Party Solution is Part of The Problem" (LINK)

described Palin as "the quasi-professional bomb-throwing GOP outsider," (and this is from a purported conservative site). That was just for starters, after describing "celebrities like Palin indulging in nothing more that (sic) wishful thinking"  the article then comes up with their own plan-which is basically doing what nobody has been able to do, or is likely to do i.e.  take the GOP over precinct by precinct. Good luck with that over the next 50 years of effort whilst the Dem's permanently lock in their majority, minority by minority.

RedState attacking Palin's (whom they profess love for "like Sarah Palin...whom I admire")  third party statement amongst the sexism and barely concealed contempt in their post, was in itself enough to bring conservative ire. However the fact that they ran, and still run, astonishingly-one can only think out of spite and pique-what has been identified as a sexist photo shopped photograph was a bridge too far, especially for some  female supporters of Palin.

Stacy Drake at Conservatives4Palin (LINK) posted a righteously angry article;

"Redstate Posts Demeaning Photoshop of Governor Palin, Denies When Confronted — Updated"

which gives the history of the conflict and links to Michelle Malkin's Twitchy sites spirited attack on RedState

Then the redoubtable Michelle McCormick commented on the RedState post  and linked to R.S. McCain's
huge defense of Palin HERE 

Through all this what I find of added interest is not just the typo "more that wishful thinking" amongst their initial denial that the image was Photoshopped, leading to their refusing to take the image down whilst calling people who object Palin fanatics, is their invention a new word to describe Palin's thoughts.

"While the idea is somewhat appealing to those who would rather flee than fight to save America, it is, ultimately, a fool-hearty idea." 

A quick check with Merriam-Webster (LINK) finds, of course, the 
(non-hyphenated) "Definition of FOOLHARDY
foolishly adventurous and bold"
I struggle to gather what RedState actually meant. Was Palin being "adventurous and bold" and taking strong risks that were so bold as to foolishly disregard her own political future? Or perhaps they invented a new word to indicate Palin was doing so in a "hearty" manner. Since they seem to have hunkered down in face of the storm we may never know.