Thursday, July 11, 2013

In January 2013 "Immoral Minority" Maniacs And M Baker Said Palin "Would Be Dead In 6 Months"

Looks very much alive to me one year later

As does the ultra-thin ultra-fit Mick Jagger unlike the ugly fat asses at "Immoral Minority" who are to ashamed to show their pictures

STICK OF ROCK: Mick Jagger performing with the Rolling Stones at Glastonbury. PIC: PA

When images were shown of Sarah Palin in Hollywood last January looking thin (she is a mega-runner of course) the haters/maniacs/obsessed/possessed/jealous/ugly/ and just plain mad commentators at the Palin hate site "Immoral Minority" exceeded any level of previous vitriol they spewed in the past about Palin.

Their "comments" if such gibberish can be called such, advised Palin was suffering from the effects of a nervous breakdown, of drugs of-well anything such fevered imaginations could come up with. Their diagnosis was that Palin would be dead soon.

Below is an example of one such bizarre screed which I advised the writer I would publish six months from the month he advised that Palin would be dead from wasting "into nothing."
I published it in August and Baker of course ran for cover like a coward.

Here too is an example of the illiterate "DENILE" (sic) idiots (anonymous of course) who comment at that Bedlam site:
Anonymous3:11 PM
MJShepherd head panty sniffer...he dude what will you do when SHE IS DEAD?

Not so Blind item: " Blind Item #1

This former A list politician/reality star could barely sit still at a recent book signing. So much twitching and that runny nose was out of control. What the world would love is a photo of her using coke. I dare say it would be worth millions."
If you watch close on the jake tapper interview (get yer hand out of you're pants) you can see her trying to snarf up a coke booger.
So sit in DENILE all you want. Of course YOU and all the dumb cons will make her into a fucking martyr no matter what horrible things she has done.
B/c you're all idiots. Every flippin' one of y'all!

Now some might say that it serves no purpose to ridicule these deranged Immoral Minority wacko's, but one way to treat sewage is to aerate it in clean air site. At the same time exposing them to ridicule for their nonsense might, just might, help them to overcome their Palin derangement by thinking about how wrong they are with their mad predictions.

I know-fat chance of that happening.

M_Baker wrote, in response to MJosephSheppard:
You're an idiot not to notice the symptoms I mentioned and then call me a fool for trying to warn you how seriously ill she is. I've seen many like her who suffer from this disease, and she is so typical of all of the others. I hope you enjoy watching her waste into nothing as you continues to deny there is anything wrong with her. I'm at peace with myself for warning you, but I can't change ignorance and stupidity in someone who willfully avoids the truth. She'll be dead in 6 months without treatment, I hope you enjoy looking at her in the meantime believing nothing is wrong. If unfortunately her illness does comes down to death, what will you think of as you look back at my warning. I hope you feel guilty as hell for being too ignorant and blind that you failed to find any faults in Palin.