Thursday, June 6, 2013

The Palin And Clinton Supporters Were Right About Obama in 2008 And Sadly Say "I Told You So"

I Tweeted this today in light of the never-ending Obama administration's scandals and attacks on civil liberties:

"Hillaryis44" warned about Obama since "08 and, like Palin was ridiculed by naive"progressives" led by a corrupt MSM.

And I sent this note to the editor of "Hillaryis44"

It's a shame you were a voice in the wilderness and dismissed as a
"Hillary dead-ender". I note the Kossites etc are bleating "we don't
we all work together against these invasions of civil liberties" when
they aren't hanging their heads in shame at having been suckered in.

By all means quote me if you wish-I am tweeting to this effect about
you and will try and  get a post up.

Look, as one who wants to see Sarah Palin inaugurated I will not be voting for Hillary should she run in 2016 but that doesn't mean I can't agree with the editor of Hillaryis44 about her observations regarding Obama. It would be silly also to not admit that Hillary possesses good qualities. It may be that Benghazi turns out to be the career ender for her but that doesn't mean that all that she has done in public life is negated. 

Unlike the "progressive" left I am not utterly blinkered and I think this is a quality that Sarah Palin leads her supporters to-no matter how dedicated we are.

Similarly, I applaud the editor of Hillaryis44 for her unrelenting efforts to shine a light on Obama, what he really stands for, and how his team, aided by a corrupted media, got him in power by destroying Hillary and Sarah in 2008. 

It is terribly sad that the anti-Obama, cear sighted forces now have to say "I told you so" as America is-as Palin said today "so screwed"

Hillaryis44 is AT THIS LINK 
It is an unrelenting forum exposing the Obama myths and the ongoing damage being inflicted on America.